Forklift Fleet Management Systems

Forklift Fleet Management System

Date Time: June 12, 2024
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Forklift Fleet Management Systems

Forklifts are industrial handling vehicles designed for the loading, unloading, stacking, and short-distance transportation of palletized goods. They are widely used in ports, stations, airports, freight yards, factory workshops, warehouses, distribution centers, and more, being essential equipment for handling and transportation operations.

Forklift Fleet Management Systems

Challenges in Forklift Management:

Challenges in forklift management include unauthorized personnel driving forklifts, speeding, failure to use safety belts or helmets, blind spot collisions, and frequent safety accidents. The lack of safety monitoring devices leads to ineffective warning alerts, posing risks and inconvenience to production management. Additionally, the low efficiency of supervision makes unified data management difficult.


YUWEI Forklift Fleet Management Solution:

YUWEI Smart Forklift Fleet Management System has been comprehensively upgraded in response to new regulations. By employing deep learning algorithms and rich interfaces, it enhances forklift operation safety and improves enterprise management efficiency.


Forklift Fleet Management

Key Features of the Forklift Fleet Management System:

1. Driver Authorization Control: Driver identity verification and authentication can be achieved through methods such as facial recognition with DSM cameras and card swiping.

2. Alerting for Dangerous Driving Behavior: Alerts for driver fatigue, smoking, distraction, phone usage (DSM), collision, and close vehicle distance (ADAS) are provided.

3. Monitoring of Safety Helmet Usage: DSM cameras can monitor whether drivers are wearing safety helmets.

4. Optional Safety Belt Detection: Original safety belts can be modified to include socket alarm outputs, enabling monitoring and control of drivers not wearing safety belts.

5. Blind Spot Detection and Audio-Visual Alerts: Forward cargo obstruction and rear blind spots can be monitored using forward/backward BSD cameras or optional 360-degree surround-view cameras, detecting people around the forklift.


Once obstacles or personnel enter hazardous areas, drivers receive dynamic collision prevention warnings, while external personnel are alerted with audio-visual signals to be cautious of approaching forklifts, effectively enhancing forklift handling safety.


Additional Features:

- Wide voltage design, waterproof design for cameras/host.

- Positioning, real-time video, historical video monitoring.

- Voice intercom, TTS, dispatching functions.

- Various alarms: overspeed alarm, driver face recognition mismatch alarm, obstructed camera alarm, out-of-area driving alarm, etc.

- Remote inspection and program upgrades for terminals.

- Dispatching, work hour statistics, driver assessment, vehicle operation and maintenance management, etc.


Forklift Management System Configuration:

Forklift Fleet Management Systems

Forklift Fleet Management System Case Study

Forklift Fleet Management Systems

Forklift-Mobile DVR (Digital Video Recorder):

The F6 is a waterproof, vehicle-DVR on an industrial-grade high-speed processing chip. It integrates ADAS, DSM, BSD, and other intelligent driving warning systems, 4G broadband multimedia wireless transmission, WIFI communication, and up to 6-channel DVR high-definition monitoring and recording storage, as well as dual-mode positioning with Beidou/GPS and RTK high-precision positioning and inertial navigation.

It can be widely used in forklifts, engineering machinery, mining vehicles, ships, and other special vehicles and transportation equipment.


Vehicle-mounted DVR Features:

- Supports the latest video standard H265.

- Supports intelligent monitoring of cabin loading and cargo conditions.

- Supports SD card storage to ensure data security; solid-state disk storage is optional.

- Patented storage medium protection device to prevent unauthorized removal.

- Unique streaming file system storage method to ensure data security and integrity.

- UPR (Uninterruptible Power Recording) function ensures video is not lost during power failure.

- Low voltage protection function ensures vehicle battery safety.

- Supports IP67 waterproof rating.

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