Cement mixer truck camera system

Challenges in Cement truck management

  • Vehicle utilization, leading to some vehicles being idle while others are busy.

  • Unsafe driving behavior of concrete truck drivers, such as fatigue driving and drunk driving.

  • Non-standard driving by drivers, such as speeding, which is a major cause of frequent traffic accidents.

  • Unreasonable vehicle route planning and dispatch, resulting in waste of fleet resources.

  • Difficulty in managing fuel and maintenance costs.

  • Loss of materials: During transportation, some dishonest drivers may sell concrete building materials, oil, and other items for personal gain.

Cement mixer truck Camera System

Chinese supplier YUWEI provides a comprehensive vehicle monitoring solution, incorporating advanced GPS tracking technology and a high-definition 1080p camera system to offer all-round monitoring and management functions for fleet operations. By equipping multiple cameras, GPS trackers, and a Mobile DVR host, users can track vehicle location and driving routes in real-time, ensuring vehicle safety and enhancing management efficiency. Additionally, the included ADAS technology and waterproof, dustproof cameras enable comprehensive monitoring of driver behavior and the surrounding environment, ensuring driving safety. 

This integrated solution also supports remote monitoring and data management, providing fleet managers with convenient operation and management tools to optimize fleet operations and safety management. In summary, YUWEI's solution not only meets practical needs for fleet management but also enhances the overall safety and convenience of the driving experience for users.

Cement mixer truck Camera

Cement mixer truck System Features

Our fleet camera system features extensive standard functions, including:

(Custom development is also supported for our fleet camera system)

HD video
HD video
Get crystal-clear footage.
Night vision & wide-angle
Night vision & wide-angle
Clear footage that shows the whole picture – day or night.
Cloud storage
Cloud storage
Capable of storing hours of footage with options to stream or download.
Privacy by design
Privacy by design
Configure and customize your fleet’s dash cam settings and setup for privacy compliance.
AI capabilities
AI capabilities
Identify risky and unsafe driving with AI and machine vision.
Driver coaching
Driver coaching
Use a step-by-step plan (prescriptive coaching workflow) to change behaviors.
Comprehensive reporting capabilities
Comprehensive reporting capabilities
Quickly and clearly review and analyze key performance indicators alongside telematics data..

Cement mixer truck System Function

GPS/BDS Real-Time Positioning:

Each truck is required to be equipped with a GPS or BDS positioning device. This state-of-the-art device acquires precise location information through a satellite receiver and seamlessly transmits the data to the server via a robust communication module, ensuring accurate and real-time positioning data for enhanced fleet management.

Cement mixer truck camera

ADAS/DSM/HOD Auxiliary System:

Our advanced system encompasses DSM (Driver State Monitoring), HOD (Head-Up Display), and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) intelligent video detection functions. These cutting-edge features enable comprehensive driver behavior detection and provide proactive driving safety warnings through sophisticated facial feature recognition analysis and intelligent image recognition algorithms, ensuring a higher level of road safety.

Forward collision warningFatigue driving warningHands off the steering wheelRight Blind Spot Detection
Proximity warningDistracted driving warningMobile phone usage detectionBlind Spot Alarm
Lane departure warningSmoking warningSeat belt detectionAudio-Visual Warning
Solid line crossing warningCamera obstruction

Pedestrian collision warning (optional)Phone usage warning

Leaving driver's line of sight

Active photography function

Driver identification

Cement mixer truck ADAS cameras

Resolution for Blind Spot Accidents:

Our solution includes BSD (Blind Spot Detection) monitoring with wide coverage, proactive warning capabilities, high accuracy, and adaptability to various environmental conditions. Inside the vehicle, a distinctive "beep, beep" sound from the main horn and a warning icon display serve as effective reminders for the driver. Furthermore, external pedestrian reminders are activated through sound and light alarms, flashing lights, and voice broadcasting to alert pedestrians of potential danger and urge them to keep a safe distance.

Cement mixer truck

concrete truck camera system

Example of Cement mixer truck System Installation

Yuwei concrete truck camera system is widely used in engineering vehicles from XCMG, Sany Heavy Industry, Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science & Technology, LiuGong Group, and Jianghuai Automobile Co., Ltd. These mixers are extensively employed worldwide, participating in global engineering and infrastructure projects.

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The Cement mixer truck camera system consists of a dashcam, a vehicle-mounted DVR, a cabin camera, a waterproof backup camera, an HOD camera, a DSM camera, an ADAS camera, a display screen, and blind spot cameras.
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