Dump Truck Tracking management system

Challenges in Dump Truck Management

  • Reduce costs: Dump Truck need to be managed and dispatched in a unified manner.

  • Comprehensive monitoring: Real-time monitoring of vehicle violations such as speeding, running red lights, and illegal dumping to protect the reputation of the fleet.

  • Fuel and exhaust emission monitoring: Monitoring of vehicle fuel and tailpipe emissions to comply with green fleet management.

  • Dump Truck must be parked at designated locations to prevent illegal parking or occupation of public roads, which may cause traffic congestion and hinder municipal facilities.

  • Vehicle maintenance: Monitoring the condition of vehicles and notifying administrators of aging equipment maintenance and situations such as overloading with audible alerts.

Dump Truck management system

Tracking management System

  • Real-time HD video monitoring;

  • Historical video retrieval and playback;

  • Real-time location tracking;

  • Historical trajectory inquiry;

  • Driver safety driving alerts and monitoring;

  • Enclosed monitoring function;

  • Lift monitoring function;

  • Speed limit function;

  • Vehicle lock limit function;

  • Receiving monitoring platform data/instruction function;

  • Display and alarm function;

  • Right blind spot warning function;

  • Fatigue driving warning function;

  • Driver behavior analysis function."

Dump Truck Tracking management

The Dump Truck Tracking Management System offers real-time GPS/BDS and real-time 1080p video. It allows for HD playback of historical recordings and features a one-click alarm function for speeding, fatigue driving, and deviation from route. 

Dump Truck Tracking management

Management System Features:

Dump Truck Fleet tracking system has the following characteristics:
Statistical Report
Statistical Report
With mileage statistics, fuel consumption statistics, route planning and other functions
Abnormal alarm
Abnormal alarm
Vehicle abnormalities, driver status abnormalities, road abnormalities, etc. will prompt an alarm.
Generate logs of vehicle status, dangerous situations, driver status, etc., so that managers can see them clearly at a glance
Cloud security
Cloud security
Data is uploaded to the cloud through a dedicated channel to ensure that data is not lost or leaked.
Face recognition
Face recognition
Using advanced facial recognition technology
1080p HD video
1080p HD video
Real-time HD video recording and playback
Driver status detection
Driver status detection
Monitor driver status at any time to prevent fatigue driving and other situations
Security lock
Security lock
The driver's information can be determined before the vehicle can be turned on

Dump Truck Management Function

ADAS/DSM/HOD auxiliary system:

The construction waste truck management system is equipped with DSM, HOD, and ADAS detection functions. It achieves driver behavior detection and driving safety warnings through facial feature recognition analysis and intelligent image recognition algorithms.

Forward collision warningFatigue driving warningHands off the steering wheelRight Blind Spot Detection
Proximity warningDistracted driving warningMobile phone usage detectionBlind Spot Alarm
Lane departure warningSmoking warningSeat belt detectionAudio-Visual Warning
Solid line crossing warningCamera obstruction

Pedestrian collision warning (optional)Phone usage warning

Leaving driver's line of sight

Active photography function

Driver identification

Dump Truck camera system

Dump Truck Management

Example of Dump Truck System Installation

Guangzhou Construction Dump Truck Project

1200 units, Dongfeng Liuzhou and Shaanxi Delong construction Dump Truck

Key Features:

  • ADAS/DSM/BSD/HOD+Raindrop Construction Waste Function Display

  • Realize driver behavior monitoring, lane condition monitoring, right blind spot detection

  • Construction waste truck functions such as vehicle lock, speed limit, lift limit, heavy vehicle overspeed alarm/violation area dump alarm/heavy vehicle open box alarm

Dump Truck Management

Xi'an: Shaanxi Construction Dump Truck

Jiangsu: Suzhou Construction Dump Truck

Zhejiang: Ningbo Construction Dump Truck

Integrated driving assistance functions, driver behavior monitoring functions, blind spot pedestrian monitoring (including front and right blind spots), cargo box lifting, sealed, dynamic video detection in loaded and unloaded states; supports load capacity function.


Dump Truck Dash Cam

Dump Truck tracking management system equipped with Dash Cameras.When the vehicle engine is turned on and in motion, the Dash Cam starts recording, while AI-connected sensors capture instances of dangerous driving. The high-definition footage is continuously recorded as the vehicle travels. The HD recordings and alarm data are saved to the cloud. Driver journey recordings and alarm data are uploaded to the cloud, allowing fleet managers to view video and image data anytime from the system backend. View HD dashcam footage and GPS data to understand who the driver is, their driving speed, and their location.

Dump Truck tracking management system

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YUWEI Dump Truck camera tracking management system is equipped with Mobile DVR, AI DASH CAM, and multiple onboard cameras (ADAS, DSM, 360, BSD, etc.), as well as a one-click alarm system. Click on the right to learn more about the related products!

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Dump Truck have GPS tracking?

Yes, Yuwei's Dump Truck tracking management system comes with GPS positioning functionality. Vehicle owners can use GPS/BDS trackers to track their fleet. Dump truck owners do this to track vehicle mileage, generate trip reports, and monitor instances of speeding.

How do I track a fleet of Dump Trucks?

Yuwei's dump truck tracking management system will install our hardware devices on the dump truck fleet, such as "Dash Cam, Mobile DVR, GPS tracker, car-mounted cameras, ADAS, and DSM auxiliary systems." This allows for tracking of the dump truck fleet and also enhances the safety of the fleet.

Dump truck fleet tracking management involves customizing those functions

The management of a dump truck fleet involves the following customized functions:

1. Vehicle management: This includes managing vehicle maintenance, upkeep, insurance, driving routes, travel time, distance traveled, and other related information.

2. Vehicle dispatch: This involves managing vehicle scheduling, allocation, tracking, monitoring, and related information.

3. Vehicle monitoring: This includes monitoring the vehicle's driving conditions, speed, direction, location, and other relevant information.

4. Vehicle data analysis: This involves analyzing vehicle travel data, routes, travel time, distance, and other related information.

5. Vehicle safety: This encompasses managing vehicle and driver safety, vehicle anti-theft measures, explosion prevention, and related information.

6. Vehicle services: This includes managing vehicle repairs, maintenance, insurance, refueling, cleaning, and related services.

Dump truck fleet management requires customization of these functions based on specific needs to meet the fleet's management requirements. Additionally, it requires the use of appropriate technologies and equipment such as GPS positioning, car-mounted cameras, vehicle management software, etc., to achieve efficient management and monitoring of the dump truck fleet.

How much does the Dump Truck tracking system cost?

The dump truck tracking management system involves hardware such as "dash cam, Mobile DVR, and car-mounted cameras," and software including "management back-end, statistical back-end, data analysis, and auxiliary driving systems," so the cost may vary. We can propose a plan and provide you with an official quote based on your functional requirements.
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