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What advantages do we have?

What are our advantages:

1. Quality: Our products have obtained certifications such as EU CE, US FCC, UK UKCA, Thailand NBTC, ensuring compliance with regulations.

2. Service: We have a professional after-sales team to assist customers in resolving any issues.

3. Customization: We support customized development of product functions to meet the fleet management needs of various industries.

4. Production: The daily production capacity of our Dongguan factory exceeds 5000 units, resulting in shorter delivery times.

We are a direct manufacturer, not a distributor, which enables us to provide you with the most cost-effective Dash Cam.

*(Sending an email inquiry will not waste your time; instead, it will save your budget costs.)

Is your company a Dash Cam manufacturer or an intermediary agent?

Yuwei's headquarters is located in Shenzhen, Guangdong, and its R&D centers are located in Xi'an,, Wuhan and other places. The production factory is located in Dongguan, Guangdong. Yuwei has a R&D technical team composed of more than 200 senior engineers, dedicated to the R&D and upgrade of products such as Dash Cam and MDVR.

You can also check pictures of our factory environment:“

How much does Dash cam and MDVR cost?

I understand your eagerness to know about the product costs. Dash cam and MDVR products come with different configurations, such as 4-channel, 8-channel, or 6-channel options. It also depends on whether you require in-vehicle management systems and the choice of operating system, such as Linux or Android. These factors can affect the pricing of the products. Could you please provide me with information about where you intend to use the dash cameras, the size of the fleet you manage, and any specific features or requirements you need? This will enable me to recommend suitable configurations and provide you with our official quotation.

How is the quality of your Dash Cam? Do you have any relevant certifications?

I'm glad you could see this. Our Dash Cam and MDVR have passed the EU CE certification tests, ROHS testing, and have relevant compliance certificates.

Our factory is certified under the ISO 9001 quality management system, ensuring the quality and reliability of our products.

Currently, our products are serving fleets in Brazil, the United States, the European Union, South Africa, Saudi Arabia, and Southeast Asia. We hope our products will be useful for your fleet tracking and management.