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Challenges in School Bus Management

Safety issues:

  • Ensuring student safety and maintaining consistent passenger counts during boarding and disembarking.

  • Preventing overloading and controlling speeding.

  • Parents and schools need real-time information on the bus's location and conditions inside the bus.

  • Preventing drivers from driving under the influence, driving while fatigued, or using their phones while driving

Bus maintenance: 

  • Planning and implementing regular vehicle maintenance, including servicing, repairs, and upkeep.

school bus fleet management
school bus management

Route planning: 

  • Properly planning routes to avoid congested areas and ensuring students can arrive at school on time.

Cost control: 

  • Operating costs for the bus fleet include fuel, maintenance, and labor costs. Some drivers may falsely report high fuel or maintenance expenses, which can undermine the company's profitability.

Lack of management system: 

  • Difficulty in accessing real-time vehicle tracking, monitoring the conditions inside the bus, and generating relevant reports.

Insurance claims: 

  • The fleet may face fraudulent claims involving collisions, extortion, robbery, etc. It is necessary to record relevant video evidence and submit it to third-party insurance companies.

  • Yuewei's truck tracking management system can improve operational efficiency and reduce costs by addressing these issues.

School Bus Tracking Management System

Equipped with GPS/BSD positioning, safety alarms, terminal host + ADAS + DSM + HOD (optional) + right camera + front/rear camera (optional) + vehicle status collector, facial recognition, overload and overspeed reminders, and other hardware. The system comes with management software to safeguard the safety of your school bus fleet!

School Bus Tracking Management System

Management System Features:

The school bus tracking management system has the following characteristics:

HD video
HD video
Real-time HD video recording and playback
Face recognition
Face recognition
Using advanced facial recognition technology
Driver status detection
Driver status detection
Monitor driver status at any time to prevent fatigue driving and other situations
Security lock
Security lock
The driver's information can be determined before the vehicle can be turned on
Statistical Report
Statistical Report
With mileage statistics, fuel consumption statistics, route planning and other functions
Abnormal alarm
Abnormal alarm
Vehicle abnormalities, driver status abnormalities, road abnormalities, etc. will prompt an alarm.
Generate logs of vehicle status, dangerous situations, driver status, etc., so that managers can see them clearly at a glance
Cloud security
Cloud security
Data is uploaded to the cloud through a dedicated channel to ensure that data is not lost or leaked.

Shool Bus System Function

Powerful AI computing power, advanced artificial intelligence image processing technology, facial feature recognition and analysis technology, integrated with data security storage technology, to achieve driver behavior detection and vehicle safety warnings.

Forward collision warningFatigue driving warningHands off the steering wheelRight Blind Spot Detection
Proximity warningDistracted driving warningMobile phone usage detectionBlind Spot Alarm
Lane departure warningSmoking warningSeat belt detectionAudio-Visual Warning
Solid line crossing warningCamera obstruction

Pedestrian collision warning (optional)Phone usage warning

Leaving driver's line of sight

Active photography function

Driver identification

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Resolution for blind spot accidents:

BSD (Blind Spot Detection) monitoring: wide blind spot coverage, proactive warning, high accuracy, adaptable to the environment.

Driver reminder inside the vehicle: The main horn emits a "beep, beep" sound; the in-vehicle display shows a warning icon.

Pedestrian reminder outside the vehicle: External sound and light alarm triggers, lights flashing, and voice broadcasting "Danger, please keep away."

School bus tracking management system case

School Bus Installation Case Studies

Yuwei's school bus tracking management system solutions are widely used in school fleets in China, Southeast Asia, and Latin America. The image on the right shows some examples of our installed devices. Our equipment is certified by CE, FCC, UKCA, NBTC. Please feel free to inquire for more information.

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Real-Time Positioning

Schools can access real-time GPS positioning of school buses through the backend and review the interior conditions through video surveillance.

Parents can view remotely

Parents can view the GPS location of the school bus through the backend app provided to them based on their configuration.

Smart Reminder

Equipped with ADAS and DSM alarm functions, monitor the status and safety of drivers and vehicles, and provide audio reminders

Convenient for School Management

Intelligent dispatching and real-time synchronization of vehicle information are fast and efficient.

School Bus Mobile DVR

School Bus Tracking Management System Equipped with Mobile DVR. When the vehicle engine is turned on and in motion, the Mobile DVR starts recording, while AI-connected sensors capture instances of dangerous driving. The high-definition footage is continuously recorded as the vehicle travels. Both the HD recordings and alarm data are saved to the cloud. Driver journey recordings and alarm data are uploaded to the cloud, enabling fleet managers to view video and image data anytime from the system backend. Fleet managers can access HD camera footage and GPS data to identify the driver, monitor driving speed, and track the location.

School Bus Tracking Management System

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YUWEI school bus camera tracking management system is equipped with Mobile DVR, AI DASH CAM, and multiple onboard cameras (ADAS, DSM, 360, BSD, etc.), as well as a one-click alarm system. Click on the right to learn more about the related products!

Related Questions and Answers

What is School bus tracking management system?

A school bus tracking management system enhances the safety of students and vehicles by integrating the school bus system with GPS (Global Positioning System), providing real-time location data of students to parents and school authorities. Fleet managers can remotely view real-time detailed data of the school buses, including mileage, fuel consumption, GPS location, vehicle status, driver's status, and other information. All of this data can be accessed remotely from the backend of the management system.

Why should school buses use vehicle tracking management?

1. Truck GPS tracking allows school teachers and parents to have a clear understanding of the current location of the vehicle.

2. Using a tracking management system with a 1080p camera enables administrators to monitor the interior of the vehicle, including the driver's status.

3. Equipping AI dashcams provides fleet managers with insurance claim evidence in the event of accidents or incidents.

4. A one-click alarm function allows for easy triggering of alarms and sending real-time location information in case of accidents, assisting administrators in effective response.

5. The system generates various statistical reports, including mileage, route maps, fuel consumption, and violations. It also provides data-driven trend analysis, making fleet management more convenient for administrators.

What is school bus tracking?

School bus tracking is the use of GPS/BDSSatellite positioning, 1080p cameras, and 4G/5G communication to monitor the daily operations of school buses. Schools and parents can obtain real-time GPS location information of the school buses and estimated arrival times, including arrival and departure times at each stop along the route, the duration of stops at any given stop, alerts for bus delays, and the ability to provide pick-up and drop-off services for students.

Does your school bus management system include on-board monitoring equipment?

Yes, yuwei provides a complete set of school bus software and hardware services. In addition to offering our self-developed multi-language school bus tracking management system, we are also a manufacturer of onboard monitoring devices. We produce the hardware required for the management system, such as GPS trackers, dash cams, ADAS cameras, DSM cameras, onboard displays, blind spot cameras, interior cameras, exterior cameras, facial recognition machines, life detection devices, and more.

How much does a school bus tracking management system cost?

The price of a school bus tracking management system depends on the hardware equipment and software features included. For example, factors such as the number of cameras you plan to install on the school bus, how many dash cams you want, and whether you need 1080p recording. You can submit your needs to us and we will reply to your email within 12 hours and provide a formal quotation.

*Our advantage lies in providing more competitive prices for similar products. (Because we are manufacturer in China)

How does the school bus management system monitor students' body temperature?

A body temperature sensor detection device is installed on the front of the school bus. When students get on the bus, their body temperature is automatically detected; if the temperature exceeds the normal temperature, a reminder will be issued.

At the same time, the system is equipped with a life detector to prevent students from being forgotten in the school bus.

Does the product pass regulatory certification test?

The hardware devices included in the yuwei school bus tracking management system are certified by the EU CE and ROHS tests and hold CE certification.

In addition, yuwei factory has internationally recognized ISO 9001 quality management system certification and ISO 14001 environmental management system qualifications; please rest assured when purchasing!

What benefits does the school bus tracking management system bring to the school?

1. Better guarantee the safety of vehicles and students, and improve the reputation of the school

2. When the school bus encounters an accident, etc., the retained video evidence can allow the insurance to settle claims faster

3. School bus management can effectively plan routes, reduce and optimize fuel consumption, and monitor driver behavior

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