Truck tracking management system
Truck tracking management system

Challenges in Truck management

  • Low transport efficiency: Drivers may take detours or use inappropriate routes, causing delays and affecting the fleet's reputation.

  • Truck maintenance: Regular vehicle maintenance, including upkeep, repairs, and servicing, needs to be planned and implemented.

  • Driver misconduct: Some drivers are prone to drunk driving, fatigue, phone use while driving, which can cause accidents.

  • Cost control: Operating costs for truck fleets include fuel costs, maintenance costs, and labor costs. False reporting of high fuel or maintenance expenses by some drivers may erode the company's profitability.

Truck Management
  • Lack of integrated management systems: Current management platforms offer a variety of functions but lack integration. For example, GPS tracking systems, distribution management software, and data analysis tools. This makes it difficult to manage effectively.

  • Insurance claims: Fleets may encounter fraudulent claims involving collisions, blackmail, and robberies. Relevant video evidence needs to be recorded and submitted to a third-party insurer.

  • Yuwei's Truck Tracking Management System can improve operational efficiency and reduce costs by addressing these issues.

Commercial Truck Camera Systems

Car camera system equipped with GPS/BDS positioning, host+ADAS+DSM+HOD (optional)+right camera+front camera/rear camera (optional)+audio-visual alarm+load sensor (optional), and comes with management software. Protect your fleet's safety!

Truck camera system solution

Truck Camera System Features

Our fleet camera systems come with a wide range of standard features, including:
HD video
HD video
Get crystal-clear footage.
Night vision & wide-angle
Night vision & wide-angle
Clear footage that shows the whole picture – day or night.
Cloud storage
Cloud storage
Capable of storing hours of footage with options to stream or download.
Privacy by design
Privacy by design
Configure and customize your fleet’s dash cam settings and setup for privacy compliance.
AI capabilities
AI capabilities
Identify risky and unsafe driving with AI and machine vision.
Driver coaching
Driver coaching
Use a step-by-step plan (prescriptive coaching workflow) to change behaviors.
Comprehensive reporting capabilities
Comprehensive reporting capabilities
Quickly and clearly review and analyze key performance indicators alongside telematics data..

Truck Camera System Function

GPS/BDS real-time positioning:

Each truck needs to be equipped with a GPS or BDS positioning device. This device will obtain location information through a satellite receiver and transmit the data to the server via a communication module.

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ADAS/DSM/HOD auxiliary system:

Configure DSM (Driver State Monitoring), HOD (Head-Up Display), and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) intelligent video detection functions to achieve driver behavior detection and driving safety warning through facial feature recognition analysis and intelligent image recognition algorithms.

Forward collision warningFatigue driving warningHands off the steering wheelRight Blind Spot Detection
Proximity warningDistracted driving warningMobile phone usage detectionBlind Spot Alarm
Lane departure warningSmoking warningSeat belt detectionAudio-Visual Warning
Solid line crossing warningCamera obstruction

Pedestrian collision warning (optional)Phone usage warning

Leaving driver's line of sight

Active photography function

Driver identification

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Resolution for blind spot accidents:

BSD (Blind Spot Detection) monitoring: wide blind spot coverage, proactive warning, high accuracy, adaptable to the environment.

Driver reminder inside the vehicle: The main horn emits a "beep, beep" sound; the in-vehicle display shows a warning icon.

Pedestrian reminder outside the vehicle: External sound and light alarm triggers, lights flashing, and voice broadcasting "Danger, please keep away."

truck backup camera

Truck fleet management

Example of Truck System Installation

The Yuwei Truck Tracking Management System is used by logistics vehicles from over 30 countries. Well-known brands include Yuxin Logistics, Liuzhou Qiangshi, China Construction Fourth Bureau, Shaogang Jiayang, China Resources Cement, and Conch Cement.

Truck Management system backend

Management system backend

  • Waybill management and tracking

  • Fuel monitoring

  • Understanding vehicle operation status (transportation trips, mileage statistics, etc.)

  • Transportation business management: Effectively evaluate vehicle driving performance (excellent, average, poor) through analysis results to address daily driving safety risks

  • Integration with third-party systems (vehicle electronic files, driver safety education, risk control platforms, etc.)

  • Collaboration between freight companies and insurance companies: The former can reduce premiums and improve bargaining power, while the latter provides vehicle safety risk control services, reducing accident compensation and enhancing underwriting profits.

Solves the problems of truck management:


Reduce dangerous driving

Configured with DSM, HOD, and ADAS intelligent video detection functions, it achieves driver behavior detection and driving safety warnings through facial feature recognition analysis and intelligent image recognition algorithms.

Reduce blind spots

Equipped with front, rear, left, and right waterproof cameras, audio-visual alarms, and in-cabin displays; eliminates blind spots for trucks.

Real-time supervision

Real-time GPS positioning, truck route tracking, 1080p video playback, driver status monitoring, active safety and blind spot monitoring, various types of alarms, and networked surveillance.

insurance claim

In the event of an accident, the fleet can provide video evidence in a timely manner for expedited insurance compensation.

Truck Mobile DVR

Truck Tracking Management System Equipped with Mobile DVR. When the vehicle engine is turned on and in motion, the Mobile DVR starts recording, while AI-connected sensors capture instances of dangerous driving. The high-definition footage is continuously recorded as the vehicle travels. Both the HD recordings and alarm data are saved to the cloud. Driver journey recordings and alarm data are uploaded to the cloud, allowing fleet managers to view video and image data anytime from the system backend. Fleet managers can access HD camera footage and GPS data to identify the driver, monitor driving speed, and track the vehicle's location.

Truck Tracking Management System

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The truck camera system consists of a dashcam, a vehicle-mounted DVR, a cabin camera, a waterproof backup camera, an HOD camera, a DSM camera, an ADAS camera, a display screen, and blind spot cameras.

Related Questions and Answers

Which trucks does this management system apply to?

Commercial trucks, semi-trailer trucks, work trucks, track trucks, express trucks, dump trucks, trailers, large trucks, box trucks, food distribution trucks, garbage trucks, etc.

If my fleet tracking management needs change, what should I do?

We understand that as your fleet business grows and the number of vehicles increases, you may require more advanced tracking management features. Our Yuwei system supports secondary development, and we will recommend to you the latest monitoring devices and management platform that can meet your needs.

What is a truck tracking management system?

A truck tracking management system allows managers to remotely view real-time detailed data of their fleet. This includes information such as mileage, fuel consumption, GPS location, vehicle condition, driver status, and more. All of this data can be accessed remotely from the management system backend.

Why should your truck fleet use vehicle tracking management?

1. Truck GPS tracking allows managers to have a clear understanding of the current location of the fleet.

2. The use of a tracking management system with 1080p cameras enables managers to monitor the interior of the vehicle, including the driver's status.

3. Equipping AI DASH CAM allows the fleet to have evidence for insurance claims in case of accidents and other incidents.

4. With the one-click alarm feature, drivers can easily trigger an alarm and send real-time location information in case of extortion, robbery, or other emergencies, helping managers respond effectively.

5. The system generates various statistical reports, including mileage, route maps, fuel consumption, and instances of violations. It also provides trend analysis based on the data, making fleet management more convenient for managers.

What truck fleet management solutions does Yuwei offer?

Yuwei provides industry-leading fleet management solutions. The fleet management solutions provide real-time data and insights into vehicle location, performance, and driver behavior for managers, enabling small and large businesses with fleets to maximize efficiency and safety in their operations.

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