A6Telematics Control Unit (T-box)
Telematics Control Unit (T-box) A6


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T-BOX (Telematics Control Unit) A6 is a terminal designed for remote control and vehicle data collection tailored to both commercial and passenger vehicle applications.

It features GPS/BeiDou positioning monitoring, 4G network transmission, built-in WiFi/Bluetooth, high-speed CAN communication, NW network management, UDS diagnostics, BootLoader program flashing, E-CALL/B-CALL, credit-based vehicle immobilization, driver behavior analysis, zero power consumption, and more.

It provides services such as holistic vehicle logistics monitoring, retrieval of engine and vehicle development data, post-sales troubleshooting, fleet management, and financial credit and lending.
Telematics Control Unit (T-box)
Telematics Device (T-box) A4


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A4 is a T-BOX (Telematics Control Unit) designed specifically for remote monitoring and vehicle data collection for heavy-duty diesel vehicles and new energy vehicles. It features Beidou/GPS positioning monitoring, 4G network transmission, high-speed CAN communication, and ultra-low power consumption. It meets the monitoring needs of government departments and host manufacturers for vehicle emission data, new energy vehicle battery data, and can also provide data accumulation for whole vehicle manufacturers and related supporting enterprises in the field of vehicle networking.
Telematics Control Unit(Tbox)
Vehicle Communication Unit (T-box) A1


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"A1 is a Telematics Control Unit (TCU) that comes with built-in communication and positioning antennas. It integrates features such as BeiDou/GPS satellite positioning, 4G network transmission, CAN communication, and more. It is characterized by easy installation, waterproof and dustproof design, and ultra-low power consumption."