Garbage Truck Tracking management system

Challenges in Garbage Truck Management

  • The location of sanitation vehicles cannot be monitored in real time, and the dynamic information of these vehicles cannot be viewed in real time.

  • It is not possible to monitor the driver's mental state and driving behavior for safety purposes while operating sanitation vehicles.

  • Real-time monitoring of fuel consumption and mileage of sanitation vehicles is not available.

  • Real-time access to sanitation status information is unavailable, which hinders the ability to prevent issues such as vehicles deviating from prescribed routes during waste collection or performing overspeed operations.

Garbage Truck management system

Garbage Truck Tracking management

  • Location Monitoring: 24-hour GPS satellite positioning and tracking to monitor real-time vehicle operations and prevent unauthorized activities.

  • Safety Management: Avoid fatigue driving, overspeeding, and reduce violations. Ensure safe driving and generate reports for query.

  • Track Playback: Provide a basis for future route analysis and operational management.

  • Real-time Video: Enable comprehensive visual monitoring throughout the journey.

  • Dispatch and Command: Support various dispatch methods such as PND screen navigation, voice broadcasting, and in-vehicle telephone to ensure comprehensive garbage collection and disposal in all areas.

  • Route Planning and Unified Dispatch: Achieve modern management level for enterprises and reduce operational costs.

  • Area-based Alarms: Immediate alerts when vehicles exceed designated travel range.

  • Remote Fuel Cut-off: Lock the vehicle when necessary through instructions issued by the control center, rendering it non-functional once parked.

  • Remote Recovery: Immediately unlock the vehicle upon normal driver application.

  • Work Statistics: View current vehicle working hours and calculate work mileage for specific time periods.

  • High Reliability: Resistant to damage.

  • Convenient Maintenance: Remote device reboot for easy maintenance.

  • Simple Operation: Convenient vehicle search, separation of offline vehicles, and generation of alarm reports.

Garbage Truck Tracking management system

The installation of the Yuwei Garbage Truck Tracking and Management System with GPS/BDS satellite positioning system enables real-time monitoring of vehicle location and speed. It facilitates real-time image monitoring of sanitation vehicles, overspeed alarm, boundary crossing alarm, and more. This ensures that sanitation vehicles operate within designated routes, enhancing management efficiency.

Garbage Truck Tracking management system

Garbage Truck System Function

GPS/BDS;real-time positioning:

Each truck needs to be equipped with a GPS or BDS positioning device. This device will obtain location information through a satellite receiver and transmit the data to the server via a communication module.

Garbage Truck camera system

ADAS/DSM/HOD;auxiliary system:

Configure DSM (Driver State Monitoring), HOD (Head-Up Display), and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) intelligent video detection functions to achieve driver behavior detection and driving safety warning through facial feature recognition analysis and intelligent image recognition algorithms.

Forward collision warningFatigue driving warningHands off the steering wheelRight Blind Spot Detection
Proximity warningDistracted driving warningMobile phone usage detectionBlind Spot Alarm
Lane departure warningSmoking warningSeat belt detectionAudio-Visual Warning
Solid line crossing warningCamera obstruction

Pedestrian collision warning (optional)Phone usage warning

Leaving driver's line of sight

Active photography function

Driver identification

Garbage Truck ADAS camera

Resolution for blind spot accidents:

BSD (Blind Spot Detection) monitoring: wide blind spot coverage, proactive warning, high accuracy, adaptable to the environment.

Driver reminder inside the vehicle: The main horn emits a beep, beep; sound; the in-vehicle display shows a warning icon.

Pedestrian reminder outside the vehicle: External sound and light alarm triggers, lights flashing, and voice broadcasting ;Danger, please keep away. ;

Garbage Truck BSD camera

Garbage Truck camera system

Example of Garbage Truck Installation

The Yuwei Garbage Truck Camera Tracking Management System is used by sanitation vehicles from over 30 countries. Well-known brands include Dongfeng Motor Corporation, FAW Jiefang, China National Heavy Duty Truck Group, Beiqi Foton Motor Co., Ltd., Jianghuai Automobile Group Co ., Ltd.

Garbage Truck management system

Management system backend

  • Support scheduling, provide high-precision garbage location positioning and route planning.

  • Real-time video monitoring to prevent overflow and leakage.

  • Use rear-view cameras to assess the quality of street cleaning.

  • Statistical reporting function to record operation duration and help understand vehicle workload.

  • Internal management for vehicle, driver, fuel consumption, and other information.

  • Remote control function to send parameters/instructions, communicate with vehicle personnel, dispatch, and send notifications.

  • Configurable remote vehicle control function to automatically limit speed to 30km/h.

Garbage Truck Mobile dvr

Garbage Truck tracking management system equipped with Mobile dvr.When the vehicle engine is turned on and in motion, the Mobile dvr starts recording, while AI-connected sensors capture instances of dangerous driving. The high-definition footage is continuously recorded as the vehicle travels. The HD recordings and alarm data are saved to the cloud. Driver journey recordings and alarm data are uploaded to the cloud, allowing fleet managers to view video and image data anytime from the system backend. View HD cameras footage and GPS data to understand who the driver is, their driving speed, and their location.

Garbage Truck tracking management system

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YUWEI Garbage Truck camera tracking management system is equipped with Mobile DVR, AI DASH CAM, and multiple onboard cameras (ADAS, DSM, 360, BSD, etc.), as well as a one-click alarm system. Click on the right to learn more about the related products!
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