Telematics Control Unit (T-box) A6

T-BOX (Telematics Control Unit) A6 is a terminal designed for remote control and vehicle data collection tailored to both commercial and passenger vehicle applications.

It features GPS/BeiDou positioning monitoring, 4G network transmission, built-in WiFi/Bluetooth, high-speed CAN communication, NW network management, UDS diagnostics, BootLoader program flashing, E-CALL/B-CALL, credit-based vehicle immobilization, driver behavior analysis, zero power consumption, and more.

It provides services such as holistic vehicle logistics monitoring, retrieval of engine and vehicle development data, post-sales troubleshooting, fleet management, and financial credit and lending.

Product Features

Function Description

Specification parameters

Product Features
Telematics Control Unit (T-box)

Car-grade hardware design;

4G network communication and network frequency bands are optional;

Support 3-way high-speed CAN communication with a rate up to 500K/s;

Low power consumption, sleep current less than 2mA;

Support ignition, timing, vibration, Bluetooth, CAN communication, remote wake-up;

Support BootLoader programming;

Support UDS diagnosis;

Support OSEK direct network management;

Support car lock function;

Can realize E-CALL/B-CALL rescue function, manual and automatic call center;

Built-in six-axis gyroscope can realize functions such as rapid acceleration, rapid deceleration, and trailer alarm;

Built-in WIFI module, supports hotspot sharing;

Comply with vehicle manufacturers’ EMC and EMI requirements;

Vehicle OBD information collection: After the monitoring vehicle engine is started and before the vehicle is driven, the vehicle terminal collects the OBD diagnostic information of the vehicle at least once within 24 hours and uploads the read information to the management platform.

Vehicle data collection: It can collect data related to new energy vehicles and engine emissions according to the specified collection frequency, and automatically identify invalid data sent by the NOx sensor when the normal working conditions are not met.

Vehicle information data storage function: The collected information data can be stored in the internal storage medium, and can be automatically overwritten when the internal storage medium is full.

Data transmission: The collected vehicle status data can be uploaded to the monitoring center at specified time intervals. The type of data uploaded meets the requirements of new energy and emission standards.

Data re-issuance: When communication is abnormal, T-BOX can store the collected data locally and re-send it after the communication returns to normal.

Remote control: T-BOX has functions such as self-test, remote query, remote parameter setting, and remote upgrade.

Telematics Control Unit (T-box)
Sleep function: T-BOX has vehicle ACC ignition detection function. When the vehicle is turned off, T-BOX will send a signal to the monitoring center and enter sleep mode.

UDS diagnosis: designed in accordance with the requirements of the ISO15765-"Diagnostics on CAN" protocol, and realized the entire system framework from the data link layer to the application layer in the OSI layer required by the protocol.

OSEK network management: based on the direct network management (Direct Network Management) stipulated in OSEK network management (V2.5.3). Under the control of the ring building algorithm, T-BOX can build a stable logical ring with other NM nodes, and through the control of the sleep negotiation algorithm, it can coordinate and synchronize with other nodes in the network to enter the sleep state.

BootLoader program flashing: Based on the UDS diagnostic system, under the control of the external Tester, complete the update of the application program and data on the T-BOX.

Telematics Control Unit (T-box)
Multi-center access function: It supports connecting two or more monitoring centers at the same time, and can obtain the information issued by the monitoring centers.

Alarm function: the terminal supports battery undervoltage reminder, power failure reminder, terminal failure reminder, line reminder, overspeed warning/alarm reminder, etc.

Driving behavior analysis: It can collect vehicle braking, turning and other information to detect the driver's bad driving behavior, including: rapid acceleration, rapid deceleration, sharp turns, sharp roads, collisions, etc. When the above behavior occurs, it can be reported to the monitoring platform immediately.

Supports "cloud" guardian functions such as remote automatic program maintenance, remote fault diagnosis and debugging, remote parameter configuration, and terminal operation statistics to improve equipment installation and maintenance efficiency and save maintenance time and costs.

Function Description
Telematics Control Unit (T-box) A6 has GPS/Beidou positioning monitoring, 4G network transmission, built-in WIFI/Bluetooth, high-speed CAN communication, NW network management, UDS diagnosis, BootLoader program flashing, E-CALL/B-CALL, credit Car lock, driving behavior analysis, zero power consumption, etc.
GPS positioning
GPS positioning
The GPS positioning function can record vehicle location, speed, direction and other information, and save it synchronously with video recordings.
BDS positioning
BDS positioning
BDS positioning is a satellite navigation system independently developed by China, providing positioning, navigation and time services with global coverage.
4 monitoring centers
4 monitoring centers
Supports simultaneous connection to 4 monitoring centers
Cloud Security
Cloud Security
Support remote fault diagnosis and debugging, remote automatic program maintenance.
remote control
remote control
Support remote lock
4G communication
4G communication
Support 4G network transmission and CAN communication
Water proof
Water proof
Protection class IP67
Protection class IP67
Specification parameters

Product number


Operating Voltage

24V, support 9 ~ 32V


138 × 85 × 30mm (length × width × height)

external connector

Main connector: TE-1318384-2 (40 Pin )

Peripheral USB connector: HSL Code-C HIROSE

Main 4G antenna connector: FAKRA-D

Auxiliary 4G antenna connector: FAKRA-H

GPS connector: FAKRA-C

Working current

Quiescent operating current

Less than or equal to 1mA/DC24V (CAN wake-up, timing wake-up, ACC ON wake-up)

average sleep current

Less than or equal to 10mA/DC24V (CAN wake-up, timing wake-up, ACC ON wake-up, vibration wake-up, remote wake-up)

Maximum operating current

Not more than 600mA


Built-in WIFI module and antenna, support hotspot, maximum access to 10 users



Real Time Clock

The 24-hour error is less than 3 seconds; the power failure lasts for more than 15 days


External hands-free speaker (reserved)

External call microphone (reserved)

indicator light

4: 4G network status indication, GPS positioning status indication, CAN status indication, WIFI status indication

SIM interface

Supports standard SIM cards and eSIM cards


Six-axis gyroscope/LSM6DS3

Temperature sensor/thermistor

communication function

4G communication module, dual APN

Compatible with 3G and GPRS communications, supports SMS text message function

spare battery

540mh/3.7V lithium battery

Supports business operation for 10 minutes after external power supply failure

battery switch button

Frequently Asked Questions

What is T-BOX?

Telematics BOX, also known as Telematics Control Unit (TCU), integrates functional modules such as GPS, external communication interface, electronic processing unit, microcontroller, mobile communication unit and memory. T-BOX is connected to the vehicle CAN bus internally; externally, it realizes information interaction between vehicle terminals, handheld devices, roadside units (RSU) and public networks using V2V, V2R, V2H, and V2S communications through the cloud platform.

How much does a telematics control unit (T-box) cost?

Telematics Control Unit(T-box) can be equipped with different hardware configurations according to customer requirements to achieve special functions. We will quote based on customer requirements!

*The cost of Yuwei products with the same functions is 20% lower than that of foreign manufacturers.

Email consultation fees will not waste your time, but will only save you more costs.

What are the general functions of TBOX?

The functions provided by TBOX include network access, OTA, remote control, location query/vehicle tracking, battery management, location reminder, eCall, remote diagnosis, platform monitoring/national supervision, etc.

What are the main functions of the electric vehicle tbox?

1. Collect and store driving data and trajectory records, analyze these data, and then display them on the display.

2. Use the tbox system to remotely query and control the car, such as controlling the car to open the door, honk, flash the lights, turn on the air conditioner, start the engine, etc. You can also check the car's position.

3. Other functions: such as road rescue, fault diagnosis, and abnormal reminder. After an accident, the tbox system will automatically dial a rescue call to allow users to receive timely rescue. When a malfunction occurs, timely feedback will be provided; if an abnormality occurs, such as being towed away, burglary, etc., an alarm will be issued.

Which fleets need Telematics Control Unit (t-box)?

T-Box (Telematics Control Unit) is a type of vehicle communication equipment that can be used in various types of vehicles. It is suitable for the following types of vehicles:

1. T-Box can be installed in passenger cars to provide functions such as remote monitoring, remote diagnosis, vehicle positioning, remote start, and remote lock.

2. T-Box can be used in commercial vehicles such as freight trucks, buses, school buses, taxis, logistics vehicles, and refrigerated trucks. It can provide real-time location tracking, vehicle condition monitoring, and driving statistics to help companies manage and optimize vehicle operations.

3. T-Box can also be applied to special vehicles such as excavators, fire engines, and ambulances. It can provide real-time vehicle status monitoring, fault diagnosis, emergency calling and other functions to improve the safety and efficiency of special vehicles.

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