taxi tracking management system
taxi tracking system

Challenges in Taxi Management

  • Safety issues: drivers speeding, overloading, fatigue driving and other bad behaviors

  • Waste of resources: no reasonable planning and scheduling of vehicles, running empty vehicles to receive orders from a long distance

  • Compensation for disputes: There are no unified regulations on mounting video equipment, and it is difficult to determine liability and obtain insurance compensation in cases of accidents, car accidents, etc.

  • Personnel falsely reported gas expenses and mileage

  • The driver abused the customer and so on. Affect the company's reputation

taxi tracking management system

Yuwei Taxi management

  • The Yuwei taxi tracking management system is based on AIoT technology, integrating 4G/5G communication, GPS/BDS positioning, video surveillance, AI intelligent analysis, and facial and license plate recognition technologies.

  • real-time record the taxi's driving routes and store them in the cloud. The routes and travel expenses are synchronized to the in-car display screen, allowing customers to view them directly.

  • The in-car camera surveillance allows real-time monitoring of the driver's status (such as fatigue driving) or prolonged absence from designated locations, triggering automatic notifications to the management department for intervention.

  • It is equipped with ADAS+DSM+HOD and other auxiliary systems to intelligently remind in situations such as unsafe proximity or excessive speed.

Taxi Tracking management system

AI Application (ADAS, DSM, 360-degree surround view, etc.)

Electronic Operation (Software-based fare calculation, convenient payment, electronic invoice, service evaluation, etc.)

Safety Inspection (GPS positioning, real-time video, playback storage, one-key alarm, monitoring, etc.)

Platform (Taxi dispatching, comprehensive operational analysis, command and control, information management, release, etc.)

Taxi Tracking management system

Management System Features:

Taxi tracking management system has the following characteristics:
Statistical Report
Statistical Report
With mileage statistics, fuel consumption statistics, route planning and other functions
Abnormal alarm
Abnormal alarm
Vehicle abnormalities, driver status abnormalities, road abnormalities, etc. will prompt an alarm.
Generate logs of vehicle status, dangerous situations, driver status, etc., so that managers can see them clearly at a glance
Cloud security
Cloud security
Data is uploaded to the cloud through a dedicated channel to ensure that data is not lost or leaked.
face recognition
face recognition
Using advanced facial recognition technology
1080p HD video
1080p HD video
4G/5G video surveillance ;1080P, 4/6/8 channels ;H265/H264
Driver status detection
Driver status detection
Monitor driver status at any time to prevent fatigue driving and other situations
Security lock
Security lock
The driver's information can be determined before the vehicle can be turned on

Taxi Management System Function

ADAS/DSM/HOD auxiliary system:

Configure DSM (Driver State Monitoring), HOD (Head-Up Display), and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) intelligent video detection functions to achieve driver behavior detection and driving safety warning through facial feature recognition analysis and intelligent image recognition algorithms.

Forward collision warningFatigue driving warningHands off the steering wheelRight Blind Spot Detection
Proximity warningDistracted driving warningMobile phone usage detectionBlind Spot Alarm
Lane departure warningSmoking warningSeat belt detectionAudio-Visual Warning
Solid line crossing warningCamera obstruction

Pedestrian collision warning (optional)Phone usage warning

Leaving driver's line of sight

Active photography function

Driver identification

Taxi camera system

Taxi tracking management system

Example of Taxi System Installation

Case Study of Taxi Tracking Management System Installation: Currently, Yuwei's products cover more than 10 first-tier cities, over 20 second/third-tier cities, with over 80,000 units of intelligent taxi products installed.

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Qingdao Taxi 


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Nanjing taxi


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Taxi management system

Management system backend

Our Taxi management system offers basic functionalities such as monitoring, dispatching, management, and alarm processing. It supports real-time location tracking, video monitoring, alarm monitoring, and remote management. We also provide features for call dispatching, information publishing, and operational analysis. In addition, our system has unique capabilities for single-vehicle tracking and cluster monitoring, allowing real-time tracking of vehicle locations and detection of abnormal clusters.
Taxi management system features

Advantages of Taxi Management

  • Real-time backend positioning, facilitating dispatch, enabling informed decision-making, and efficient law enforcement.

  • Backend analysis reports empower administrators to grasp detailed operational data, enhance scientific management, and improve overall efficiency.

  • Assisting drivers in increasing passenger pickup rates, reducing cruising costs, and minimizing safety risks.

  • In-vehicle and exterior cameras mitigate disputes, lower insurance expenses, and elevate service experiences.

Help with Taxi management


Smart Reminder

Equipped with ADAS and DSM alarm functions, monitor the status and safety of drivers and vehicles, and provide audio reminders

Real-Time Positioning

Administrators can obtain relevant taxi GPS positioning in real time and view the situation inside the vehicle through video surveillance.

Reasonable scheduling

During peak hours and congested road sections, rationally dispatch taxis to pick up orders.

One-click alarm

When a car accident or robbery occurs, one-click alarm is supported and the location is sent to the platform.

Taxi Dash Cameras

Taxi tracking management system equipped with Dash Cameras.When the vehicle engine is turned on and in motion, the Dash Cam starts recording, while AI-connected sensors capture instances of dangerous driving. The high-definition footage is continuously recorded as the vehicle travels. The HD recordings and alarm data are saved to the cloud. Driver journey recordings and alarm data are uploaded to the cloud, allowing fleet managers to view video and image data anytime from the system backend. View HD dashcam footage and GPS data to understand who the driver is, their driving speed, and their location.

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Taxi tracking management system

Related products

YUWEI Taxi camera tracking management system is equipped with Mobile DVR, AI DASH CAM, and multiple onboard cameras (ADAS, DSM, 360, BSD, etc.), as well as a one-click alarm system. Click on the right to learn more about the related products!

Related Questions and Answers

Benefits of Taxi GPS Tracking Management System?

The benefits of a taxi GPS tracking management system are as follows:

1. Real-time vehicle tracking: Regardless of whether your taxi company has a few cars or hundreds of cars, you need a taxi GPS tracking system to effectively manage your fleet. The management system allows you to monitor the location of your taxis in real time.

2. Efficient route planning: With the GPS tracking system, you can plan routes more effectively based on traffic conditions, reducing fuel consumption and optimizing efficiency.

3. Driver behavior monitoring: The system allows you to monitor driver behavior such as drunk driving and fatigue driving, helping to ensure the safety of both the driver and passengers.

What is a taxi tracking management system?

A taxi tracking management system involves binding taxis to the yuwei backend and installing devices such as dash cams and cameras on the taxis. This allows management personnel to remotely access real-time detailed data of the fleet. The information includes mileage, traffic conditions, fuel consumption, GPS location, vehicle condition, driver status, and more. All of this data can be accessed remotely from the backend of the management system.

Why should your taxi fleet use vehicle tracking management?

1. GPS tracking allows management personnel to have a clear understanding of the current location of taxis.

2. Real-time monitoring of driver status with DSM cameras.

3. Equipped with AI dash cams for real-time video recording, providing insurance claim evidence in the event of accidents or incidents.

4. One-click emergency alarm function allows drivers to easily trigger alarms and send real-time location information in case of emergencies such as extortion or robbery, enabling effective response from management personnel.

5. The system generates various statistical reports, including mileage, route maps, fuel consumption, and violations. It also provides data-driven trend analysis, making fleet management more convenient for management personnel.

Does your taxi management system include onboard monitoring devices?

Yes, Yuwei provides a complete set of taxi software and hardware services. In addition to our self-developed multi-language taxi tracking management system, we are also manufacturers of onboard monitoring devices. We produce the necessary hardware for the management system, such as GPS trackers, dash cams, ADAS cameras, DSM cameras, onboard displays, blind-spot cameras, interior cameras, exterior cameras, facial recognition machines, and vital sign detection devices.

How much does a taxi GPS tracking management system cost?

The price of a taxi tracking management system depends on the included hardware devices and software features. For example, factors such as the number of cameras you plan to install in the taxis, whether you require a DSM assistance system, and if you need 1080p recording will affect the cost. You can submit your requirements to us, and we will respond to your email with a formal quotation within 12 hours.

*Our advantage lies in providing more competitive prices for similar products (as we are a manufacturer in China).

Does the product pass regulatory certification test?

The hardware devices included in the yuwei Taxi tracking management system are certified by the EU CE and ROHS tests and hold CE certification.

In addition, yuwei factory has internationally recognized ISO 9001 quality management system certification and ISO 14001 environmental management system qualifications; please rest assured when purchasing!

How does the vehicle tracking management system ensure driver safety?

When the taxi encounters an abnormal state while driving, the auxiliary system will issue an alarm and voice reminder. When the vehicle encounters an incident such as a car accident, the driver can call the police with one click and send the real-time location to the platform.

What should a driver do if he feels offended by the tracking system?

In China, our fleet companies rarely encounter this kind of situation, because large Chinese taxi companies such as Didi and AutoNavi all adopt this kind of management system.

First of all, you have to communicate with your driver. The tracking system is for the convenience of management. The better the company does, the higher the income for employees.

Second, vehicle tracking directly generates reports that tally drivers’ hours and miles to ensure they are always paid correctly.

Explain to drivers: They will not be followed without their knowledge.

What is taxi fleet management?

Taxi fleet management is a comprehensive process of monitoring, coordinating and optimizing the operations of a taxi fleet through the internet. It involves a range of tasks, activities, and strategies aimed at ensuring efficient operation and optimizing resource utilization of the taxi fleet. This practice is critical for both traditional taxi companies and modern ride-sharing platforms to provide reliable, timely transportation services to their customers.

How does MDVR ensure the safety of taxi drivers?

(1) GPS positioning with maps allows administrators to track the real-time location of taxis.

(2) Recording in 1080p HD video provides clearer footage for documentation.

(3) Taxi drivers can easily communicate with the fleet management center through two-way intercom systems during their trips.

(4) Dual-camera setups effortlessly capture both the interior of the driver's cabin and the view ahead.

(5) An emergency button allows immediate and efficient alarm activation at your fingertips. In life-threatening situations, pressing the emergency button sends out an instant alert, providing valuable time for life-saving actions.

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