School Bus Security Camera System

School Bus Security Camera System

Date Time: March 13, 2024
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School Bus Security Camera System

If you are looking for the best school bus surveillance camera system in the industry, then you've come to the right place. At YUWEI, we prioritize passenger safety. All of our school bus safety systems are designed to protect students and drivers from any adverse events.

School Bus Security Camera System

Our school bus tracking management solution features a real-time vehicle monitoring system with 4G communication and cloud storage;

YUWEI's bus surveillance system consists of advanced closed-circuit television cameras and mobile networks, capable of transmitting real-time recordings of personnel/students/employees inside the vehicle. Our security solution supports 4G/LTE cloud cameras, capturing video clips from multiple angles to ensure absolute safety.

What hardware does the school bus camera system come with?

Safety cameras, 360-degree panoramic cameras, backup cameras, front and rear dash cameras with GPS positioning, side cameras, Mobile DVR host, vehicle-mounted display screens, facial recognition machines.

school bus camera system

What does our school bus camera system support?

  • Our school bus surveillance camera system integrates 4G/5G SIM technology for better coverage.

  • Connected monitoring tablets can be used to monitor real-time 1080p cameras of the entire school bus fleet.

  • Network management technology enables round-the-clock monitoring and real-time management to avoid delays.

  • WIFI-supported bus surveillance cameras facilitate extensive data storage and easy video management.

  • School bus backup cameras and rear-view mirrors can display improperly parked vehicles, obstacles on the road, or children on the lane. We have state-of-the-art equipment including rear-view cameras and backup sensors, essential for addressing operational challenges faced by drivers.

Benefits of using our school bus camera system?

1. Real-time monitoring of students and passengers during fleet operation.

2. Ensuring absolute safety of students during the journey and gaining parents' trust.

3. Tracking adverse vehicle events and responding to emergencies promptly.

4. Monitoring driver behavior across the entire fleet and identifying unsafe driving practices.

5. Round-the-clock GPS tracking of vehicles transporting or parked anywhere in the city.

Why choose YUWEI school bus camera system?

  • With 25 years of experience in designing recording systems installed in over 5000 bus fleets, we have encountered almost every vehicle type and use case scenario. Our team of professional hardware engineers and quality testers ensures that every detail meets our and your rigorous standards, satisfying customers and delivering the best products.

  • The recorder undergoes impact and vibration testing according to specific SAE and MIL standards, performing exceptionally well in the most extreme environments. Our recorders and media options are calibrated for reliable use under similarly harsh conditions.

  • Recording options include up to 1080p (Full HD) image resolution on all analog high-definition channels.

  • As technology evolves and your budget increases, you can enhance your product configuration; we support upgrades;

  • Remote real-time management of your fleet system with just a phone or a computer;


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This onboard monitoring system is suitable for school buses, taxis, coaches, and more.

YUWEI's school bus safety system solution offers outstanding quality and reliability, providing a dependable and cost-effective way to monitor activities inside and around school buses, ensuring the safety of drivers and their young passengers. We are a manufacturer based in China, with factories located there, making us your best supplier of school bus systems.

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