360 AVM Camera

360 AVM Camera System

Date Time: June 07, 2024
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360 AVM Camera

The YUWEI 360 AVM system is a specialized 360° panoramic system designed for large commercial vehicles such as buses, school buses, trucks, and three-risk transport vehicles.

Truck camera system solution

Parking Assistance

Parking is perfectly easy with a top-down view of the vehicle.


Easy Driving

Changing lanes becomes effortless, enhancing driving comfort and efficiency.


Recording Function

Records 360° images of the vehicle as evidence in the event of an accident.


Accident Prevention

Prevents hazards on narrow and rural roads.



Key Advantages

360° Seamless Panoramic Video Surveillance System for Commercial Vehicles


Fast Response

High recognition capability and speed, able to quickly identify improper driving behavior and issue rapid warnings in milliseconds.


Strong Anti-Interference Ability

The algorithm adapts to various weather conditions and remains stable under different lighting conditions.


Compatible with Various Vehicles

Solutions can be custom-designed based on different vehicle models and interior positions.


Flexible Deployment

Wide-angle cameras are strategically placed at the front, rear, left, and right of the vehicle, allowing users to monitor the surroundings on a screen.


Easy Installation

✔ Easy splicing operation

✔ Wide range of adaptability

✔ Parameter export/import

✔ Suitable for various vehicles


Advanced Splicing Technology

✔ Sony sensors, 180-degree wide-angle

✔ Bird's-eye view + single channel

✔ Automatic triggering of multiple views

✔ Vehicle model options available


Easy to Expand

✔ Rich output options: AHD / CVBS / HDMI

✔ Supports connection to MDVR

✔ Occupies only one channel of MDVR


Comprehensive Vehicle Surroundings Awareness

Full Monitoring without Blind Spots

By combining four or more cameras, the monitor displays a comprehensive view, allowing the driver to understand the complete surrounding environment in real time without blind spots.

AVM Bird's-eye View, Easier Parking

The AVM system stitches images from multiple cameras together, providing the driver with a virtual bird's-eye view of the vehicle's surroundings on the screen. This helps the driver park more easily and improves situational awareness.

Pedestrian and Vehicle Detection

By analyzing the movement directions and distances of pedestrians, vehicles, and obstacles around the vehicle, the system effectively and timely alerts the driver to avoid potential dangers.

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