4-channel 1080p HD MDVR System

Date Time: October 23, 2023
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Industry-leading deep learning algorithm - Vehicle Intelligent Terminal

The Vehicle Intelligent Terminal is an active safety warning device developed for engineering machinery applications. It adopts industry-leading deep learning algorithms and combines personnel proximity warning system with driver abnormal driving behavior warning system. When the system detects personnel, it automatically recognizes and alerts the driver, thereby helping to suppress the possibility of collision between vehicles and pedestrians, and reduce the rate of production safety accidents.

hnweb_4-ch 1080p HD <a href='https://en.yuweitek.com/full-hd-car-mobile-dvr.html' style='color: #014a97;' target='_blank'>MDVR</a> system

The Vehicle Intelligent Terminal supports intelligent monitoring functions such as ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System), BSD (Blind Spot Detection), and DSM (Driver Behavior Safety Warning). It can assess the risks of vehicles and drivers' behaviors and support remote supervision functions. Additionally, the system supports 4-channel and 6-channel analog video inputs, including 2 channels of 1080P HD video, 2 channels of audio input, 1 channel of IPC input, and 1 channel of CVBS output. Moreover, data supports hard disk storage and SD card storage, and can record and playback 4-channel 1080P/720P AHD audio and video synchronously in real-time.

The Vehicle Intelligent Terminal has a built-in BD&GPS dual-mode module, which has wide coverage and supports functions like network remote program upgrade and real-time positioning. Furthermore, it is equipped with 2 SD card slots, with a maximum single card support of 256G, and supports 4 alarm inputs and 1 alarm output, providing comprehensive audio and video intelligent monitoring and recording for drivers.

The Vehicle Intelligent Terminal uses an aviation-grade video interface, which features high reliability and strong shock resistance. It also has a built-in G-Sensor accelerometer and supports TTS voice output. The technical core of the system's dangerous driving warning system and driver status monitoring system possesses internationally leading visual recognition algorithm engine, which is accurate and reliable, and can be used to train drivers to enhance safety awareness and reduce fleet driving risks, thus better ensuring production safety.

4 CH 1080P mdvr

4 CH 1080P mdvr

F4 is a 4-channel AI mobile hard disk recorder that offers a range of advanced features. It includes global 4G wireless transmission and WIFI communication,

4 CH 1080P mdvr

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