Best Fleet Management and GPS Tracking Company

Best Fleet Management and GPS Tracking Company in India

Date Time: May 10, 2024
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Best Fleet Management and GPS Tracking Company

We understand you are searching for the best fleet management and GPS tracking company in India, but we still want to recommend ourselves. Because with similar performance products, we can offer lower prices, helping you save on procurement costs.


Best Fleet Management and GPS Tracking Company

To assist all types of fleets in better cost control, efficiency improvement, enhanced supervision, and standardized fleet management, YUWEI introduces the Fleet Management and GPS Tracking system.


The YUWEI Fleet Management and GPS Tracking solution address the following issues, aiding fleet managers in better managing fleets and drivers:


1. GPS Real-Time Positioning & Remote Monitoring: Utilizing vehicle positioning and video surveillance equipment to achieve full visualization of tasks, significantly enhancing transport timeliness and safety. GPS positioning equipment allows real-time determination of vehicle operations, with alerts for deviations from routes or abnormal stops. Administrators can also conduct map distance measurement and route planning in the background, thereby improving the punctuality of goods delivery through multiple channels.


2. ADAS and DSM Safety: ADAS video surveillance employs AI visual technology and image recognition to intelligently detect risky driving behaviors such as smoking or phone usage, supporting pedestrian detection warnings, lane departure warnings, and real-time comprehensive monitoring of vehicle operation status, vehicle loading, and cargo conditions, maximizing driving safety.


fleet management and GPS tracking company

3. Dispatch Scheduling Management: Mobile office capabilities enable administrators to assign tasks to drivers online at any time, with the ability to dispatch based on proximity using maps. Drivers can provide real-time feedback such as customer signatures. Shippers can easily book vehicle reservations, view real-time vehicle dynamics including routes and locations.


4. Fuel Consumption Monitoring Management: Traditional logistics industry fuel consumption management has always been a challenge: vehicle fuel consumption exceeds standards, drivers falsely report refueling amounts, vehicle costs remain high, and reimbursement expenses do not match actual expenses. Monitoring fuel consumption through hardware devices enables practical fuel consumption management, eliminating ambiguities in fuel consumption accounting.


5. Data Management: Real-time visual data dashboards, multi-terminal, multi-person collaborative management on computers and mobile phones, allowing authorized administrators to understand fleet operations through real-time data dashboards. Comprehensive multi-dimensional reporting and analysis can be achieved through dispatch reports, financial reports, and positioning reports, empowering efficient decision-making for fleet management.


6. Data Security: Provides comprehensive data security solutions, ensuring the high security of user data. Network Security: Uses HTTPS and SSL technology to ensure network security; Host Security: The system architecture adopts SLB technology to shield real server IP addresses, preventing hacker intrusions; Data Security: The database adopts dual-machine hot standby mode, automatically backing up full data regularly to prevent data loss; SQL Security: System-level SQL injection detection filters characters that can constitute injections in the application, performing legitimacy verification; external form submissions are prohibited, and all important data operations use stored procedures; Information Security: MD5 encryption is used for important data; Log Security: Records all operations including IP, username, operation time, operation content, etc., for future reference.


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