What is Garbage Truck camera system?

What is Garbage Truck camera system?

Date Time: January 26, 2024
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What is Garbage Truck camera system?

With the continuous progress of urbanization and the dramatic increase in urban population, it has posed significant challenges to the city's sanitation management system. YUWEI has developed a garbage truck camera system that supports real-time GPS positioning, 1080p video monitoring, 4G communication, and ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) and DSM (Driver State Monitoring) auxiliary driving functions.


Garbage Truck camera system

Challenges in garbage truck tracking management include

1. Illegal dumping of garbage, unclear production volume: To reduce transportation costs, some truck owners often disregard environmental factors and dump garbage randomly, causing environmental pollution.

2. Issues with garbage transfer and landfill sites: Poor management of garbage processing sites can lead to delayed disposal, leakage of sewage, emission of odors, and dust, causing secondary pollution and severely affecting the cleanliness of the surrounding environment and residents' lives.

3. Quality control of operations: How to control the implementation of sanitation operations, supervise the quality of work, and respond to emergencies.

4. Providing assessment based on daily operation data: How to use daily operation data to provide assessment assistance for employee management.

5. Fine management: How to use a system for fine management of sanitation work to increase operational efficiency and quality, achieve energy reduction, and efficiency improvement.


Garbage Truck Camera System Solution

The garbage truck camera system installs a 4G wireless video intelligent onboard terminal kit on sanitation vehicles, attaches RFID tags to garbage bins, and installs 4G wireless video data collection terminals at garbage transfer stations, garbage processing entrances, and sites. This system, in coordination with the backend audio-video dispatch platform and big data cloud platform, achieves a smart sanitation solution. This solution has been applied in the sanitation fleets of over 20 cities in various countries.


Garbage Truck Camera System Solution

Garbage truck camera system features

1. Full-course video monitoring: Real-time video monitoring of sanitation vehicles and various sites, allowing remote viewing of live and historical video data.

2. Visual dispatching: The command center selects vehicles on the map, quickly forms temporary emergency fleets to go to the incident site for system operation, coordinates with the real-time distribution of vehicle positions, and unified command dispatches based on onboard video.

3. Sprinkling/sweeping operation status monitoring: Monitoring of operation status, operation route trajectories, and the display of operation circles (colors). Analysis of the curve of water-spraying amounts collected from various routes helps prevent non-standard sprinkling operations.

4. Smart management of the entire garbage collection process: Management of vehicle management, process management, garbage bins, transfer stations, and processing sites during garbage collection to achieve intelligent management of the entire garbage collection process.

5. Smart management of garbage bins: Unified management of electronic tags on garbage bins, recording basic information about the bins. The system automatically alerts and notifies the backend system for dispatching when a garbage bin is overflowing.

6. Personnel/vehicle management: Online monitoring of vehicle location, trajectory, speed, and load; real-time video retrieval to prevent violations such as indiscriminate dumping, deviation from standard recording, and speeding.

7. Collection route planning: Intelligent planning of video driving for collection vehicles to improve garbage collection efficiency and reduce costs.

8. Comprehensive process management: Visual representation of garbage transportation volume, dumping time and frequency, and traceability of garbage generation, combined with maps, visually presents collection routes, trajectories, and more.

9. Collection alarms: Enhancement of collection alarm functions, including alarms for overflowing bins, untimely collection, too short collection time, overloaded weight, and unauthorized reduction of collection volume during the collection process.

10. Transfer station/processing site management: Real-time monitoring of garbage collection points, transfer stations, landfill sites, etc., to visually view on-site situations. Automatic recognition of license plate information for entering and leaving vehicles helps prevent unauthorized dumping of garbage, and real-time monitoring and alarms for odors at various sites reduce the impact on surrounding residents.

11. Data statistics: Attendance reports, operation reports, and alarm reports.

12. Information management: Basic information management, vehicle maintenance information, and maintenance records.

13. Comprehensive resource map analysis: Visualization of garbage bins, collection vehicles, transfer stations, garbage processing plants, etc., on a GIS map, facilitating the viewing of garbage collection resources.


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