School Bus Mobile DVR Quotes

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Date Time: March 15, 2024
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School Bus Mobile DVR Quotes

How much does school bus mobile dvr cost?

The YUWEI school bus mobile DVR is priced at $180, and it is a vehicle-mounted intelligent terminal that integrates global 4G wireless transmission, WiFi communication, DVR functionality, and real-time GPS positioning.

School Bus Mobile DVR Quotes

The F4 aims to provide comprehensive vehicle driving records and video surveillance functions. The F4 is equipped with powerful artificial intelligence capabilities, supporting advanced monitoring functions such as ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), BSD (Blind Spot Detection), DSM (Driver Status Monitoring), passenger status, cabin loading, and cargo condition monitoring. This ensures high-level intelligent monitoring and enhances overall safety.

School Bus Mobile DVR Features

Multi-camera inputs: MDVR cameras support multiple camera inputs, providing a comprehensive view of the vehicle surroundings. This helps improve the safety and security of both drivers and passengers.

High-quality video: MDVR cameras can capture high-quality video footage, which is very useful in the event of accidents or incidents. The cameras can also capture audio, providing additional information about the situation.

GPS tracking: Many MDVR cameras have GPS tracking functionality, which helps fleet managers track the real-time location and movement of vehicles. This is very useful for monitoring driver behavior and improving overall fleet efficiency.

Remote access: MDVR cameras can be accessed remotely, allowing fleet managers to view real-time or recorded video footage at any time. This is useful for monitoring driver behavior or responding to events in real-time.

Storage capacity: MDVR cameras typically have large storage capacities, capable of recording several hours of video footage. This is crucial for fleet managers who need to view video footage from multiple vehicles over an extended period.

Durability: MDVR cameras are designed to withstand harsh road conditions, including temperature fluctuations, vibrations, and impacts. This ensures that the cameras can continue to operate normally even in challenging environments.

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In summary, mobile DVR cameras for RVs, cars, school buses, and trucks are powerful tools for providing video surveillance and recording capabilities for vehicles. They feature multiple camera inputs, high-quality video capture, GPS tracking, remote access, large storage capacity, and durability to withstand harsh road conditions.

Whether you have a small fleet of only 5 school buses or a medium to large fleet of over 30 school buses, our Mobile DVR can help you intelligently track and manage your vehicles; achieving real-time 1080P video monitoring of school buses to protect the safety of students and teachers.

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