The 10 Best 4G Dash Cam Manufacturers of 2024

The 10 Best 4G Dash Cam Manufacturers of 2024

Date Time: May 28, 2024
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The 10 Best 4G Dash Cam Manufacturers of 2024

4G dash cams can significantly aid in remotely tracking and managing your fleet vehicles. With excellent network transmission performance, they enable fleet managers to achieve real-time video monitoring and remote management. They support cloud server storage, ensuring the safety of driving video data and preventing data loss due to device damage.


Here are our recommended 10 manufacturers of 4G dash cams:


   Country: China

   Product: V5

   Features: Supports 1080p full HD recording front and rear, 4G connectivity, built-in GPS, and safety warning features. Compact installation design, cloud storage support, and night vision.

   Advantages: Chinese manufacturer offering the lowest prices for similar performance dash cams. Compact design with rich safety features.

   Disadvantages: Currently only certified by US FCC, EU CE, UK UKCA, and Thailand NBTC.


2. Nextbase

   Country: United Kingdom

   Product: Nextbase 622GW

   Features: Offers 4K video recording, built-in Alexa and What3words, emergency SOS function, and night mode.

   Advantages: High-quality video, rich smart features, easy to use.

   Disadvantages: Unstable smartphone app connection, high capacity SD card required.



3. Garmin

   Country: USA

   Product: Garmin Dash Cam Live

   Features: 4G connectivity, real-time video access, and cloud storage, supports HD recording, built-in GPS, and voice control.

   Advantages: Easy to install, HD image quality, reliable background operation.

   Disadvantages: No display screen, lacks some advanced features (e.g., GPS).



4. BlackVue

   Country: South Korea

   Product: BlackVue DR750X-2CH LTE

   Features: 4G LTE connectivity, dual-channel cameras, real-time video streaming, and cloud service, excellent night shooting quality.

   Advantages: High-quality video, cloud service, strong night shooting capability.

   Disadvantages: High price, some features are complex to set up.



5. Thinkware

   Country: South Korea

   Product: Thinkware F800 Pro

   Features: Discreet design, 1080p full HD recording, parking mode, and night mode, built-in GPS and cloud service.

   Advantages: Discreet design, excellent night mode, rich safety features.

   Disadvantages: App connectivity issues, complex features, some outdated user interface.



6. Vantrue

   Country: USA

   Product: Vantrue N4 Pro

   Features: 4G connectivity, triple-channel cameras, 4K front camera, HD night recording, and parking monitoring.

   Advantages: Multi-channel cameras, high cost performance, excellent night recording.

   Disadvantages: Outdated interface design, some advanced features require manual configuration.



7. Cobra

   Country: USA

   Product: Cobra SC 400D

   Features: Dual-view cameras, 4G connectivity, real-time monitoring, 1440p HD recording, built-in GPS, and voice control.

   Advantages: Multi-view cameras, high-quality video, real-time monitoring function.

   Disadvantages: Some models are expensive, feature setup can be complex.



8. Pittasoft (BlackVue)

   Country: South Korea

   Product: BlackVue DR900X-2CH LTE

   Features: 4G LTE connectivity, 4K front camera and 1080p rear camera, cloud service, and parking monitoring function.

   Advantages: High-quality video, strong cloud service, discreet installation.

   Disadvantages: High price, some features require professional installation.



9. Street Guardian

   Country: Australia

   Product: Street Guardian SG9663DCPRO

   Features: Durable design, dual-channel 1080p full HD recording, wide dynamic range, and parking mode, easy to use.

   Advantages: High durability, simple to use, quality video.

   Disadvantages: Basic features, lacks advanced smart functions.

Street Guardian

10. Viofo

    Country: USA

    Product: Viofo A139 Pro

    Features: 4G connectivity, triple-channel cameras, 2K front camera, HD night recording, built-in GPS, and Wi-Fi.

    Advantages: High cost performance, multi-channel cameras, rich smart features.

    Disadvantages: Simple user interface design, some features are basic.


There are many dash cam brands available, and purchases can be made based on individual needs.


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