GPS Tracking System for School Bus Drivers

Best GPS Tracking System for School Bus Drivers

Date Time: July 09, 2022
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GPS Tracking System for School Bus Drivers

Challenges of School Bus Tracking Management

● How to ensure the safety of students in school buses?

● How to supervise drivers' behaviors such as speeding, overloading, and illegal driving?

● How to make it easy for parents to pick up and drop off their children?

● How to effectively dispatch school buses?

● How to respond to emergencies in a timely manner and obtain evidence afterwards?

● How to improve fleet management and school bus operation efficiency?

Yuwei "School Bus GPS Tracking System" is a unified management platform covering students, parents, caretakers, school bus operating companies, and regulatory authorities.

Best GPS Tracking System for School Bus Drivers

Through intelligent terminal multimedia data collection and uploading to the cloud platform, real-time visual process monitoring is realized, and the traditional mode of information delay caused by incomplete and untimely information is abandoned. Through hierarchical intelligent notification reminders, abnormalities are detected in time and linkage processing is carried out, so as to comprehensively improve the supervision level.

1. HD camera - HD video of school bus based on 4G/5G high bandwidth:

Install high-definition cameras on school buses, use 5G network for real-time video streaming back, and support managers to view and analyze remotely in real time.

The video returned by the vehicle camera can be intelligently analyzed (such as human face), and the analysis results can be displayed on the large screen of the command center

Realize multimedia (vehicle camera, mobile phone) audio and video scheduling and vehicle positioning. The camera installation and deployment method needs to be designed in conjunction with the actual vehicle and can be launched quickly.

2. Vehicle-mounted high-definition video terminal

This is a cost-effective, functionally scalable device specially developed for vehicle video surveillance and remote monitoring. It is an intelligent terminal product integrating GPS/Beidou positioning monitoring, local SD card recording, 5G remote real-time video monitoring, voice call, IP voice, TTS, CAN bus interface and driving recorder and other advanced functions. It organically integrates functions such as real-time monitoring, production operation management, and command and dispatch.

3. ADAS terminal equipment

Display screen:1280x800 pixels, display touch screen

Camera: 720x480 standard

Power supply: DC 12V/24V support (power consumption: 1200mA)

Storage card device: Micro SD card (support 4~32GB)

feature of product:

1. Safe Distance Alarm (SDA)

2. Forward Collision Warning (FCW)

3. Lane Departure Warning (LDW)

4. Front Pedestrian Collision Warning (PCW)

5. Front approach warning (FPW)

DSM driver status monitoring terminal

Detection range: face, eyes, head, gesture

1. Fatigue driving alarm function

2. Distracted driving alarm function

3. Smoking alarm function

4. Call the alarm function

5. Driver abnormal alarm function

6. Driver identification function

4. Background monitoring system

Parent side

1. Parents can receive real-time push information about children getting on and off the bus;


1. Students can get on and off the bus, and the car follower can control it in real time;

2. To prevent accidents, you can remotely check the situation in the car at any time;

3. When the face recognition equipment fails, the driver/caretaker holds a mobile phone for attendance recognition, using AI offline recognition, and the recognition speed reaches 0.1 milliseconds.

cloud platform

1. Real-time records of students' ride records;

2. Real-time high-definition video recording, supervisors can remotely view real-time video, providing effective evidence for real-time monitoring and post-event analysis;

3. Real-time reporting of vehicle driving information to remind drivers, comprehensive monitoring of vehicle status, geographical location, abnormal alarms, etc.

4. Covers vehicle management, vehicle change, insurance management, driver management, caretaker, fuel consumption management, maintenance management, violation management, vehicle equipment and other functions

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