Small Fleet Dash Cam with GPS Tracking

Date Time: October 07, 2023
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Small Fleet Dash Cam with GPS Tracking

A Small Fleet Dash Cam with GPS Tracking is an essential tool for any business looking to increase productivity and safety while reducing costs. Our unique and safety-focused approach to fleet management gives you true control behind the wheel, with software and hardware designed to provide security and cost savings. Our maximum convenience small fleet GPS management solutions are tailored to fit your needs.

Small Fleet Dash Cam with GPS Tracking

Equipped with Yuwei's feature-rich Dash Cam V5, you can reduce high-risk driving behaviors by up to 88%. It provides in-cabin safety alerts, integrated dashcam monitoring, and driver guidance, all working together to make your fleet safer. The data collected from Yuwei Fleet can also be shared with your insurance company, often resulting in lower premiums.

The Dash Cam V5 supports up to 4 cameras, providing real-time audio and video recording with dual TF card storage. It enables real-time video transmission through global 4G network connectivity, while GPS/BDS positioning ensures accurate tracking. The V5 also integrates built-in advanced safety algorithms (ADAS, DSM) to enhance security and is widely used in ride-hailing, taxi, logistics, and government fleet sectors.

By using a Small Fleet Dash Cam with GPS Tracking, you can improve efficiency, boost productivity, and enhance customer service. You can monitor your vehicles in real-time to stay closely attuned to any issues impacting your customers, helping your drivers stay on the most efficient routes. Monitoring your fuel, labor, and maintenance expenses can help you identify areas for improvement and cost-cutting measures while encouraging and rewarding team efficiency.

Finally, with Yuwei Fleet, you can maintain vehicle condition and save money on vehicle maintenance. Simply transfer the Yuwei tracker to the new vehicle when repairs or vehicle replacements are needed, eliminating any oversight gaps. A Small Fleet Dash Cam with GPS Tracking is an investment that pays off in improved safety, efficiency, and cost savings.

What is Fleet GPS Tracking?

Fleet GPS tracking is the process of using hardware and software to track vehicles, assets, and drivers in order to capture critical data about vehicle location and diagnostics while relaying information back to headquarters. This allows fleet managers to locate, track, and monitor their fleets in real-time and monitor driver behavior to enhance safety and bring positive returns to businesses by improving operational efficiency.

How Does Fleet GPS Tracking Work?

Vehicle tracking devices connect to (1) the vehicle's engine control module, (2) GPS satellites, and (3) the internet. Information captured from the vehicle and GPS satellites and data generated by accelerometers in the tracking device is sent in an encrypted form to Yuwei servers via the internet.

Authorized individuals with user credentials can access this data in a dashboard using a web browser or mobile application with secure internet connectivity. The dashboard displays real-time data in the form of maps, charts, and reports so that the location and operational status of vehicles or assets being operated can be viewed. Data about vehicle health and specific driver behavior can also be read, such as speeding, idling, sharp turns, braking, and acceleration.

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