YUWEI Fleet Dash Cam Solution

Fleet Dash Cam with GPS Tracking

Date Time: March 26, 2024
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YUWEI Fleet Dash Cam Solution

Providing round-the-clock protection for truck, bus, and construction vehicle fleets. The integration of GPS tracking with real-time 1080p video monitoring in remote information processing enhances vehicle surveillance, driver behavior analysis, and overall driving safety, offering comprehensive tracking and management solutions for fleet management.

Fleet Dash Cam with GPS Tracking

YUWEI V5 is a front-and-rear dash cam system designed for commercial vehicle fleets seamlessly integrated with remote information processing. We offer optional dash cam extensions, side cameras, rear cameras, and a complete 360° view of the interior with cabin monitors.

V5 enables real-time 1080p video monitoring through 4G or Wi-Fi connections.

Benefits of YUWEI Dash Cam:

- Enhance fleet safety

- Ensure drivers comply with road safety regulations, including maintaining focus, avoiding mobile device usage, refraining from aggressive maneuvers, lane changes, and speeding.

- 360° Surround View

- Utilizing seamless 360° HD video clips, GPS locations, and remote information processing data to eliminate uncertainties and expedite insurance claims. The system is expandable to accommodate side, rear, and interior cameras, along with options for cabin monitors.

- Quick Connectivity

- YUWEI dash cams with fleet features are accessible in 4G and Wi-Fi configurations.

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How does the YUWEI Fleet Dash Cam Solution work?

Dual GPS dash cam systems for drivers offer superior video quality and easy access to valuable video clips, making it the ideal dash cam solution for customers. Many other dash cams on the market lack the quality, availability, and price advantage our product offers.

Key Features of Dual Dash Cam:

- Wireless dual-sided full HD 1080p smart fleet dash cam

- Expandable to support 2-4 additional cameras

- On-demand live viewing and historical video retrieval

- Works via Wi-Fi and provides optional 4G connectivity

- Continuous recording upon vehicle startup

- Up to 256GB built-in SD storage, offering up to one week of recording time

- Easy installation

- Includes GPS tracking, ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), and DSM (Driver Status Monitoring)

- Easy export and retrieval of video clips

Detecting and Recording Risks

YUWEI dual dash cams automatically record HD videos and swiftly upload key event footage to the cloud for quick review. This real-time visibility enables you to protect your drivers and business at crucial moments.

Reducing Cellular Data Costs

Our wireless dual GPS dash cams transmit video clips via Wi-Fi, enabling fleets to implement integrated GPS fleet management and dash cam systems without incurring additional cellular data and carrier costs. This feature enables fleet managers to provide real-time guidance and accountability for drivers.

Reviewing Major Driver Violations

Easily analyze driver-facing and road-facing video clips via smartphones or computers. Identify drivers, assess their speeds, and precisely locate vehicle positions through GPS tracking.

Driver Monitoring

YUWEI-sponsored fleet camera systems record driver behavior events, including sudden braking, rapid acceleration, sharp turns, and lane crossings. It automatically categorizes and uploads these events to the cloud, along with timestamps and locations. This comprehensive supervision allows you to actively manage driver risks.

Professional Dash Cam Version

The fleet dash cam comes with integrated GPS tracking, ADAS, DSM driver monitoring, offering a comprehensive fleet management solution. It includes real-time GPS tracking, engine diagnostics, ELD compliance, and in-car Wi-Fi hotspot, making it the most cost-effective and comprehensive solution.

How does the YUWEI Fleet Solution work?

- Capturing real-time video and GPS data, whether parked or in motion, the dash cam captures continuous HD video inside and outside the vehicle.

- Real-time detection of critical events, AI monitoring technology detects and captures unsafe or risky events and activities automatically.

- Instant alerts are sent and footage is collected, clips are stored in the cloud, and SMS and email alerts are sent, linking you to view footage of dangerous events or behaviors.

- View on the YUWEI fleet video platform, review complete trip histories by specific dates/time ranges, and track all fleet vehicle activities on each type of device you own.

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