The best Mobile DVR for Vehicles in 2023
Mobile DVR F4

The best Mobile DVR for Vehicles in 2023

Date Time: September 26, 2023
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The best Mobile DVR for Vehicles in 2023

Yuweitek's mobile DVR for vehicles, 'F4', is an 8-channel mobile DVR specially developed to meet the needs of high-end users. It is recognized as the best MDVR of 2023. The F4 model supports popular AHD cameras and IPC cameras, as well as 4G full Netcom modules. With powerful codec capabilities, it can encode and wirelessly transmit four channels of 1080P video simultaneously. Users can watch and perform voice dispatch remotely through the PC client at any time. Additionally, it allows the installation of a 2.5-inch hard disk for local audio and video synchronous storage. Various methods are available for users to export videos quickly and conveniently. The device also supports BDS/GPS dual-mode positioning modules for real-time monitoring of its location status. Intelligent algorithms enable license plate recognition functionality.

The 'F4' mobile DVR for vehicles finds wide applications in the field of mobile monitoring, such as urban buses, police cars, school buses, passenger cars, and trucks.

Features of the mobile DVR for vehicles 'F4':

1. Supports real-time transmission of surveillance videos over 4G wireless networks. It also facilitates remote capture and picture uploads based on alarm events.

2. Offers GPS/Beidou satellite dual-mode positioning.

3. Provides support for data storage on hard disks and SD cards, ensuring data security.

4. Includes an Uninterruptible Power Supply Recording (UPR) function that prevents video loss during power failures.

5. Features a low-voltage protection function to safeguard vehicle batteries.

6. Boasts a single-board design for high integration and reliability.

Specifications of the mobile DVR for vehicles 'F4':

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Detailed specifications


structure appearance

Dimensions : 145 x 58 x 193mm _ _

Shell material : PC+ABS , body material: aluminum alloy

degree of protection

IP 54

Environmental suitability

Working temperature: -30℃ ~ 70℃ , storage temperature: -40℃ ~ 85℃

Operating Voltage

Operating voltage range: 9 - 3 2 V

Support car battery protection: 8.5V±0.5V/12V system, 17V±0.5V/24V system

12V/24V adaptive

Does not support 36V system

Ultra-low power design

Quiescent current < 2mA

Support zero power sleep

power consumption

Average power consumption is less than 30W

Super capacitor

3 super capacitors can power the system and camera

2~3s working time, save the complete video before power failure

indicator light

4 (1 positioning signal, 1 communication signal, 1 video recording, 1 terminal operation instruction)

external interface

Power supply : TE-1318384-2

Locating Antenna Connector: Fakra-C Blue

Communication Antenna Connector: Fakra-D

Video interface: M12-4

IPC interface: M12-6


up to 6 channels can supply power to the camera, the output voltage is 12V, and the maximum output current of a single channel is 0.5A

1 channel IPC video input interface, 12V power supply

1 channel CVBS output


2-way camera recording, the recording cable supports key input detection

1 channel call MIC input


2.5-inch mechanical /solid-state hard disk, which can support 7mm /9.5mm , and the hard disk shock-absorbing device is fixed in the terminal

The maximum capacity supports 2TB

2 SD cards, pluggable , do not support simultaneous recording

The maximum capacity supports 512 GB

Data interface

2-way RS232 interface, 5 V power supply @500mA

1-way 485 interface , 1-way IPC interface, 12V power output (1A)

positioning module

GPS and Beidou positioning module

communication module

4G module

SIM card

Drawer plug-in SIM card

I/O function

8- way input : ACC, left steering, right steering, door side, emergency, reverse, brake, vehicle speed pulse

1 output: oil and electricity cut off

Mobile DVR F4

F4, a cutting-edge high-definition intelligent Al mobile DVR. Built with an industri-al-grade core high-speed processing chip, it combines global 4G wireless transmis-sion, WIFI communication, DVR functionality, and BDS/GPS dual-mode positioning.

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