Parking mode Dash Cam

Best Front and Rear Dash Cam with Parking mode

Date Time: March 11, 2024
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Parking mode Dash Cam

Do you wonder what happens to your vehicle when you're away? Dash cams with parking mode protect your vehicle while parked, offering real-time monitoring and alerts.

Parking mode Dash Cam

What is the parking mode in the dash cam?

Parking mode dash cams use sensors to detect collisions when parked, providing automatic alerts and capturing video evidence.

Dash Cam with Parking Mode Pros

- Automatic collision alerts keep you informed.

- Remote live feed viewing.

- Instant access to valuable video evidence.

- Clear footage day or night.

Fleet Dash Cam with GPS V5

Fleet Dash Cam with GPS V5

The Intelligent Video Telematics V5 is a feature-rich 4G Dash Camera designed forthe video surveillance industry....

park mode dash cam

Dash Cam with Parking Mode Cons

- Ongoing service fees may apply.

- Requires sufficient driving time to keep the dash cam charged.

Top 3 Dash Cams with Parking Mode Today

  • YUWEI V5: Cost-effective with 1080p resolution and cloud uploading.

  • Vantrue N4: 4K resolution with 24-hour parking surveillance.

  • BlackVue DR900X Plus: Dual-camera setup for 4K recording and parking mode.

Dash Cam Q&A

What is the parking mode on the dash cam?

Parking mode monitors the car's surroundings while the car is parked and the engine is not running. When the external camera detects motion (whether visual or physical) through its built-in motion detector, it automatically starts saving to the microSD memory card.
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