Commercial Fleet Camera Solution

Commercial Fleet Camera Solutions

Date Time: May 08, 2024
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Commercial Fleet Camera Solution

The two core functions of YUWEI's commercial fleet camera system solution are: first, remote information access for "real-time video viewing and historical video review"; and second, diversified features such as GPS positioning and ADAS. These two functions are not only powerful but also closely tailored to business scenarios, making your vehicle monitoring more efficient and convenient.


Real-time video monitoring and historical video access play crucial roles in the trucking industry. For users who need to closely monitor vehicle GPS positioning, vehicle status, and driver status, these two management functions are indispensable.


commercial fleet camera system

1. Fleet managers can monitor transportation vehicles in real-time through the real-time video function, identifying and warning against unsafe driving behaviors or abnormal vehicle conditions such as speeding, fatigue driving, and improper lane changes, thereby effectively reducing the risk of traffic accidents.


2. Tracking the real-time location and trajectory of transportation vehicles helps users grasp vehicle dynamics in a timely manner, optimize scheduling plans, and improve transportation efficiency.


3. Users can review vehicle driving records through the historical video function, conducting detailed analysis of various situations during the driving process. This helps identify potential safety hazards and improve overall operational efficiency.


Advantages of Functions

1. Quick GPS Positioning, Easy Access

Easily locate target vehicles by license plate number or device code, select video channels, and instantly present real-time vehicle images. Users can grasp vehicle dynamics and driver status anytime, anywhere.


2. Multi-functional Operations, Comprehensive Features

The video window offers various operations such as pause, close, screenshot, mute, and full-screen playback to meet different viewing needs. Moreover, the video ratio supports selections of 1 channel, 2 channels, 4 channels, etc., adapting to monitoring requirements in different scenarios.


3. Multi-mode Switching, Flexible and Convenient

The real-time video function supports multi-vehicle/single-vehicle mode and carousel mode, allowing you to switch effortlessly between monitoring multiple vehicles or focusing on a single vehicle. Carousel mode further supports rotating playback of multiple vehicles and channels, providing a clear overview.


4. Real-time Intercom, Barrier-free Communication

Our real-time video function also supports real-time intercom, enabling you to communicate with drivers anytime to ensure driving safety.


5. Map Positioning, Clear Location Display

The map display in the real-time video function not only facilitates precise vehicle positioning for operators but also combines real-time video streaming to track vehicle dynamics, providing operators with comprehensive, real-time advantages in vehicle monitoring and management.


Historical Video Features

1. Convenient Query, Easy Review

By entering the license plate number or device code and selecting the query interval and channel number, you can easily view historical videos. Easily review vehicle driving records, providing operators with strong evidence support and data analysis basis.


2. Video Download, Save Anytime

Support for historical video download function allows users to save important videos locally for viewing anytime without loss.


3. Map Display/Hide, Freedom of Choice

The historical video function also supports display/hide map function. Operators can flexibly choose according to their needs, achieving precise control of vehicle positions and further enhancing comprehensive, real-time advantages in vehicle monitoring and management.


4. Synchronized Control, Easy Operation

Playback, pause, stop, fast forward, rewind, and other operations of single/multi-channel playback achieve synchronized control of multiple videos, making operation more convenient and efficient.


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