Dash Camera System for Fleet

Dash Camera System for Commercial Fleet Vehicles

Date Time: February 26, 2024
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Dash Camera System for Fleet

Using YUWEI's state-of-the-art Commercial Fleet Vehicles Dash camera system completely transforms the safety of your fleet.

Dash Camera System for Fleet

Meeting all business needs for dash cams

Reducing accidents

Camera lenses can be used to identify drivers exhibiting poor driving behavior. You can train your drivers to operate in a safer manner, thus reducing accidents, business interruptions, and costs.

Cheaper insurance

Clear camera lenses of road incidents and accidents can help determine fault. This can significantly lower commercial fleet insurance costs.

Driver safety

Drivers using vehicles equipped with cameras can benefit from higher levels of safety and confidence. Visible cameras in the vehicle can act as a deterrent, preventing hostile actions against the driver or their vehicle.

Eliminating fraud

Accurate, high-quality camera lenses provide clear evidence of events. This helps protect businesses from false claims.

Supported by YUWEI's industry-leading fleet camera technology, there are single-channel, dual-channel, and quad-channel dash cams to choose from.

1. Dual-channel dash cams

YUWEI's visual-based dual dash cam system is designed for small to medium-sized vehicles, equipped with two high-definition cameras: one facing the road and one facing the driver.

dash cam

2. Quad-channel dash cams

The flagship Driver•i quad dash cam system includes four high-definition 1080p cameras, providing a 360-degree view: one facing the road, one facing the driver, and two side window views.

3. Multi-channel dash cams

Supporting 4-6 cameras, ideal for passenger or cargo monitoring.

Fleet safety camera features

Enhanced safety

Identify hazardous driving with this video-based safety camera. Easily maximize safety through coaching workflows, real-time review teams, and intuitive dashboards.

View real-time video

Stay informed about your drivers' behavior on the road. With SD card and cloud camera options, find the dash cam that suits your fleet.

Maximize asset tracking

Gain insight into asset movement with YUWEI's intelligent tracking app. Simplify fleet operations with real-time tracking, instant alerts, and unlimited geofences.

Optimize routes

Promote route optimization and scheduling operations with powerful algorithm solutions. Static and dynamic routing options provide efficient routes while improving allocation accuracy.

Enhance driver safety

Improve driver safety with advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS) and DSM camera systems. Through visual and auditory warnings, your drivers will be aware of all dangers on the road.


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Dash Camera System Q&A

How do dash cams work?

Placed either at the front or rear of a vehicle, dash cams will continuously record footage of what's going on around your vehicle on a loop. This footage can then be used by the police or insurers in the event of an incident.

What are the benefits of dash cams?

Dash cams can be used to prevent fraudulent insurance claims being made against your business following an incident on the road. They can also deter the theft of vehicles but importantly for your business and your drivers, dash cams encourage safer driving.

Which dash cams are the best?

This will depend on the needs of your business. Fortunately for you, YUWEI has a wide range of solutions to suit businesses of all sizes.

What fleet dash cam hardware options are available?

Fleets can choose between a road facing dash cam, dual facing dash cam, quad dash cam, and side dash cams.

Can the YUWEI Fleet Camera System be integrated with other systems?

Yes, the YUWEI Fleet Camera System can be integrated with other fleet management systems such as GPS tracking and telematics systems to provide a more comprehensive view of fleet performance.
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