Driver Status Monitoring System

YUWEI's 1080p driver status monitoring system is designed to detect and monitor various driver behaviors, including fatigue driving, smoking, phone usage, and other forms of distraction. By constantly monitoring the driver's state, the system aims to enhance overall driving safety.

With the help of artificial intelligence algorithms and high-definition video capabilities, YUWEI's driver status monitoring system can accurately identify signs of fatigue or distracted driving in real-time. When such behaviors are detected, the system promptly alerts the driver, allowing them to take appropriate measures to ensure their safety and that of others on the road.

By actively monitoring and reminding drivers about potentially dangerous behaviors, the YUWEI driver status monitoring system acts as a reliable co-pilot, promoting safer driving practices. This technology not only helps prevent accidents caused by fatigue or distractions but also contributes to raising awareness and maintaining a high level of driving safety standards.

Product Features

Function Description

Specification parameters

Product Features
Driver Status Monitoring System

Sensor: Utilizes a 1/2.7-inch 2-megapixel CMOS image sensor, capable of providing high-quality images.

AHD HD video output: Supports AHD HD video output, enhancing image clarity.

High sensitivity: Equipped with high sensitivity, maintaining good image quality even in low-light conditions.

Adaptive 3D digital noise reduction: Built-in adaptive 3D digital noise reduction function effectively reduces noise in the images and enhances image clarity.

Adapts to various algorithm scenarios: This product is suitable for multiple algorithm scenarios, allowing adjustments and optimizations based on specific requirements to achieve optimal performance in different environments.

Wide voltage power supply: Supports wide voltage power supply of DC 9-16V, suitable for a wide range of applications.

BMW connector: Features a BMW connector to ensure stable and reliable connections.

Adjustable and lockable lens tilt angle: Equipped with adjustable and lockable lens tilt angle function, allowing users to make angle adjustments as needed and lock it in the appropriate position.

High temperature resistance: This product has high temperature resistance, making it suitable for installation in high-temperature environments such as automobiles.

Convenient installation: Fixed with 3M adhesive/screws for easy and quick installation, allowing users to choose the appropriate fixing method based on actual conditions.

Driver Status Monitoring System

Please follow the steps below to adjust the angle during the installation process to avoid damaging the camera:

Connect the camera to the terminal and ensure that the camera device can capture images properly.

Place the camera in the desired installation position and adjust the tilt angle to ensure a proper view of the captured images.

Make a note of the camera's installation position and proportion.

Keep the camera angle adjustment in place and tighten the locking mechanism for the desired angle.

Remove the protective film from the double-sided adhesive and install the camera at the recorded position.

If you notice any deviations in the vertical angle after installation, repeat steps 2, 3, and 4 to fine-tune the camera's tilt angle.

Function Description

DSM application scenarios:

1. Fatigue driving detection

2. Smoking detection

3. Phone call detection

4. Distracted driving detection

5. Abnormal state detection.

Application scenarios:

Installed in the vehicle, suitable for driver behavior detection.

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DMS-Fatigued driving 

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 driver status monitoring system

HOD-seat belt detection

driver status monitor 


driver status monitoring


Specification parameters




Image Sensor

S6 1/2.7"CMOS



Pixel size




field of view


focal length

6 mm

depth of field


Effective Pixels

1280(H)x720(V) 2 million

video output

AHD 720p

Frame rate


System format

Default PAL format (black and white image)

wide dynamic range


signal-to-noise ratio


Infrared effective distance




Operating temperature

- 20 ℃~70℃

storage temperature

- 30 ℃~ 80 ℃

Working humidity

Relative humidity below 90%

Power - Current

DC12V, 140mA

Power consumption

About 1.68W

cable length

Tail line 250cm±10cm

DSM Camera System Q&A

What is a DSM camera?

Driver State Monitor (DSM) is a driver assistance warning system based on machine vision technology to detect abnormal driving states of the driver.

DSM Camera Functions

Automatically alerts the driver in case of the following fatigue or abnormal actions:

◆ Fatigue warning (closing eyes)

◆ Yawning

◆ Distraction (looking around, nodding)

◆ Smoking

◆ Blocking

◆ Drinking water

◆ Leaving the post

What vehicles are DSM cameras suitable for?

Buses, construction vehicles, buses, ride-hailing cars, private cars, etc.

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