Bus Fleet Management System(ADAS/DSM/360 Camera)

Date Time: November 17, 2023
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Author: YUWEI

Traditional buses are prone to safety issues such as driver fatigue, sudden braking, sharp turns, deviating from designated routes, fuel consumption monitoring, and efficient scheduling.

By utilizing the YUWEI Bus Fleet Management System, it is possible to reduce labor costs and regulate fleet management:

Bus Fleet Management System

Vehicle, driver, and passenger information can be stored and managed collaboratively by multiple users, accessible through computers and mobile devices.

For organizations with a large number of vehicles, the system provides reminders for various tasks such as annual inspections, insurance, maintenance, and driver contract renewals, thereby enhancing management efficiency.

By incorporating GPS locators, video surveillance devices, DASH CAMs, and Mobile DVRs, the entire journey can be visualized, significantly improving driving safety.

GPS locators: Real-time vehicle tracking based on vehicle position data enables the system to promptly alert administrators of speeding, sudden braking, sharp turns, and driver fatigue, while also recording such incidents. Administrators can utilize map distance measurement and route planning functions for improved timeliness.

ADAS video surveillance: Leveraging AI visual technology and image recognition, dangerous driver behaviors such as smoking or using a phone can be intelligently detected. The system supports pedestrian detection warnings, lane departure warnings, and comprehensive internal vehicle monitoring, ensuring maximum driving safety.

With the assistance of the Fleet Manager, dispatching and settlement can be easily carried out, avoiding errors or omissions in orders and increasing vehicle utilization rates.

Through a digitalized management system, after passengers make an order, administrators can dispatch drivers via the system and simultaneously send SMS, app notifications, or voice reminders to drivers, minimizing missed orders.

Intelligent scheduling prompts promote efficient shift planning, such as round trips or multiple trips per vehicle, thereby increasing vehicle utilization rates.

Passengers can use the app to obtain real-time information on vehicle routes and locations and communicate with drivers, preventing delays or misunderstandings.

Whether using company-owned or outsourced vehicles, and regardless of the cost within or outside the order, the system enables easy account reconciliation and settlement.

Fuel consumption is a significant expense in the passenger transportation industry. Therefore, "fuel consumption management" is of utmost importance in fleet management. By monitoring fuel consumption through hardware devices, effective fuel management can be achieved, eliminating confusion regarding fuel expenses. The Fleet Manager has developed three practical fuel consumption monitoring solutions:

Solution 1: Locator + Fuel Expense Reporting

Solution 2: Fuel Level Sensor

Real-time visualized data dashboards eliminate the time-consuming and labor-intensive process of traditional manual management and address the issue of delayed data acquisition.

With multi-terminal computer and mobile device support, multiple users can collaboratively manage the system, allowing authorized administrators to access real-time data dashboards and gain insights into fleet operations.

Comprehensive multidimensional report analysis can be achieved through dispatch reports, financial reports, and location reports, providing a clear overview of cost and enabling efficient decision-making for the fleet.

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