Excavator Tracking Management System

Excavator Tracking Management System Solution

Date Time: June 11, 2024
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Excavator Tracking Management System

With the rapid development of urban construction, the number of construction vehicles is increasing continuously, and there are many drawbacks in management and maintenance. The YUWEI Excavator Tracking Management System adopts GPS, 4G, onboard monitoring, and onboard smart applications to comprehensively and continuously monitor vehicles.


The YUWEI camera monitoring system is currently used in construction vehicles such as road rollers, bulldozers, excavators, and concrete mixers, and has become a widely used onboard monitoring solution in the industry.


Excavator Management system

Excavator Management Challenges:

Fuel theft is common: Vehicles often need to park on the roadside or in remote areas away from city lights, making them susceptible to fuel theft.


Low efficiency: Without proper scheduling, some construction vehicles may have nothing to do while others are overloaded with work.


Non-standard operations: Operating construction vehicles is complex, requiring drivers to be fully focused. Effective supervision is needed to prevent violations such as reversing improperly, speeding, and engaging in non-standard behaviors like making phone calls or smoking while driving.


High level of vehicle wear and tear: Due to their large size and operation in narrow and complex environments, incidents of crushing and scraping against people and objects are common, making track maintenance complex.


Real-time vehicle status monitoring: For operational vehicles, the monitoring center needs to be able to monitor GPS location information and real-time audiovisuals to strengthen safety supervision of operations.


Excavator Camera Solution:

By installing a 4G wireless video intelligent onboard terminal kit on excavators, high-precision vehicle positioning, real-time audiovisual scheduling, real-time fuel collection and monitoring, blind spot radar detection and warning can be achieved. Integrating backend data monitoring cloud platforms enables intelligent supervision of excavators. This solution has been deployed in thousands of vehicles worldwide.


Excavator Camera System Features:

Anti-theft fuel monitoring: When the vehicle is parked on the roadside, if the body or fuel tank moves, the fuel tank camera will automatically start and monitor human images, sending real-time monitoring images to the backend, which can also be retrieved afterwards.


Work status monitoring: Use the OBD monitoring embedded in the onboard terminal to monitor engine speed, calculate actual working time based on engine speed, and eliminate negative idling from the source.


Video monitoring: Real-time video monitoring inside and outside the vehicle allows remote viewing of site conditions and historical video data to understand the situation of the vehicle and the driver in real time.


Satellite positioning: Real-time GPS/BDS high-precision positioning enables tracking of each vehicle's location and current status, and historical trajectories of vehicles within a certain period can be retrieved.


Visual scheduling: Vehicles automatically queue up, simulating the position of dispatched vehicles and their operational status at each site. All vehicle conditions are clear at a glance, improving vehicle utilization by standardizing scheduling processes.


Driver recognition: Through monitoring cameras, facial recognition of drivers and company personnel prevents unauthorized subcontracting.


Fine construction: When performing delicate and fragile projects, assist drivers with fine operations using monitoring cameras on the boom.


Blind spot detection: High-precision radar sensors can be installed on the right/rear side of the vehicle to issue audio and visual warnings when unrelated personnel or objects enter blind spots, avoiding safety accidents during vehicle operation.

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