What is a Vehicle Black Box DVR in Car?

Date Time: October 28, 2023
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What is a Vehicle black box dvr in car?

The vehicle black box, also known as a Dashcameras (MDVR), is a device installed inside a car to record and store video, audio, and other related data during the vehicle's journey. It typically consists of a camera, storage device, and related electronic components.

Vehicle Black box dvr

The main function of a vehicle black box is to record footage and sound during the vehicle's journey, providing evidence for accident liability determination and dispute resolution. It can record information such as the road conditions, traffic signals, and driving speed ahead of the vehicle, helping to recreate the actual situation at the time of an accident. Some advanced vehicle black boxes also have GPS positioning capabilities to record the vehicle's driving trajectory and location information.

The data from the vehicle black box is usually stored in a loop recording fashion, where the earliest data is automatically overwritten when the storage space is full. However, some vehicle black boxes also support emergency event recording. When a collision or sudden situation is detected, relevant data is automatically saved to ensure that important evidence is not overwritten.

Vehicle black boxes play an important role in traffic accident investigations, insurance claims, and judicial trials. They provide objective and authentic evidence to help determine accident liability and protect the rights of vehicle owners. At the same time, vehicle black boxes can also be used to monitor driving behavior, remind drivers to pay attention to safety, and promote standardized and safe road traffic.

Storage methods for vehicle black boxes include

1. SD card storage: Most vehicle black boxes use removable SD cards (Secure Digital Cards) to store data. SD cards are a common storage medium with large capacity and high-speed read/write capabilities. The black box saves recorded video, audio, and other data on the SD card, continuously overwriting the storage space to achieve continuous recording.

2. Hard disk storage: Some high-end vehicle black boxes use built-in hard disks for storage. Hard disks have relatively large storage capacity, allowing for more data to be stored. They typically have longer recording times and higher storage stability.

3. Embedded storage: A few vehicle black boxes use built-in flash memory chips as the storage medium. This storage method is common in some special-purpose vehicle black boxes, such as professional-grade driving recorders used in police cars or special vehicles.

Working principles of vehicle black boxes include

1. Camera capture: The vehicle black box is equipped with one or multiple cameras inside to capture real-time footage of the vehicle's front or surroundings. These cameras usually have high-definition and wide-angle views to ensure comprehensive recording of the vehicle's journey.

2. Data processing: The vehicle black box processes and encodes the captured video, audio, and other data using its internal processor. It compresses and optimizes the images to reduce storage space while improving recording efficiency and quality.

3. Storage and loop recording: The processed data is saved on storage media such as SD cards, hard disks, or flash memory chips. Vehicle black boxes typically work in a loop recording manner, where the earliest data is automatically overwritten when the storage space is full. This ensures continuous recording of the vehicle's journey without worrying about insufficient storage space.

4. Event-triggered recording: Some vehicle black boxes have event-triggered recording capabilities. When a collision, sudden braking, or other abnormal situations are detected, they automatically save relevant data to ensure that critical evidence is not overwritten.

Overall, vehicle black boxes capture data through cameras, process and encode it, and store it in specific media to achieve recording and storage of the vehicle's journey. This provides reliable evidence for accident investigations and dispute resolutions.

Recommended purchase of a vehicle black box

The price of a regular vehicle black box is around $120.

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