Full HD Wifi ADAS Camera

Full HD Wifi ADAS Camera for Car Night Vision

Date Time: March 06, 2024
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Author: ROYIS

Full HD Wifi ADAS Camera

The China YUWEI ADAS Camera is a highly intelligent multifunctional forward-facing lens. It supports various ADAS detections: FCW (Forward Collision Warning), proximity warning, lane departure warning, and pedestrian warning. Utilizing top-tier hardware, it features wide dynamic range, automatic white balance, automatic backlight compensation, super stabilization, and more, making it adaptable to complex driving environments including low-light conditions, rainy weather, and tunnel entrances/exits. With powerful functionality and millisecond-level alarm response, it provides drivers with safe driving assistance.

Full HD Wifi ADAS Camera

Advantages of ADAS Camera

Powerful functionality

  • Supports multiple ADAS detections:

  • FCW (Forward Collision Warning)

  • Proximity warning

  • Lane departure warning

  • Pedestrian warning

  • Supports high-definition recording.

Sturdy and stable

Utilizes top-tier lens modules, supporting HDR, strong stabilization, automatic backlight compensation, automatic white balance, wide dynamic range, etc., adapting to various complex driving environments including backlighting and low light conditions.

Easy installation

Adjustable lens angle to accommodate various vehicle models.


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