Backup Camera for Cargo Van

Backup Camera System for Cargo Van

Date Time: March 06, 2024
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Backup Camera for Cargo Van

YUWEI has been developed unique backup cameras and backup camera systems for van & cargo van, if you are looking for a reliable van backup camera system manufacturer, please feel free to email .

Backup Camera for Cargo Van

Why backup camera is important for van

There are many reasons why you should install a backup camera in your van. The first and most obvious reason is safety. When backing up, a van backup camera can help drivers gauge traffic and avoid accidents. It can even help drivers who are less experienced to back up safely. If you have a child or small animal in the van, you may not be able to see them when backing up, and a backup camera can help you stay safe by allowing you to see them better.


backup camera for van

Wired or wireless van backup camera system

When it comes to installing a van backup camera system, a wired one is a better choice than a wireless one. However, it may be a little challenging if you drive a larger vehicle. Wired cameras do not suffer from interferences or signal disruptions.


Another benefit of wired cameras is that they are connected to a monitor screen.


There are other differences between wireless and wired backup cameras. One difference is the price point. If you’re on a tight budget, a wireless camera might be the better choice. However, wireless systems require a lot less equipment to operate.


How to choose the best van backup camera

When choosing a van backup camera, you need to pay close attention to features like the viewing angle, which should be at least 120-170 degrees. Also, consider the camera’s IP rating. It’s important to choose a camera that is waterproof. The van backup cameras provided by YUWEI are mainly IP67 or IP69K waterproof. The maximum camera angle can reach 170°, and the cameras have infrared night vision function, which can fully meet the driver’s cargo van safety needs.


Find the right van backup camera system manufacturer

When it comes to purchasing a van backup camera system, the following things you need to consider.


1. Video Quality

You may as well invest in a camera that has decent video quality!


2.Monitor Quality

Screen resolution is important. The more pixels, the better!



Good waterproof effect can ensure that you can also be safe and worry-free driving in rainy days.


As a professional in-vehicle electronics manufacturer, YUWEI has 25 years of experience in solving vehicle monitoring solutions. Our products have been verified by authoritative authorities and have export qualifications. All cameras come with at least 1 year warranty. If you are looking for a reliable van backup camera system manufacturer, please feel free to email .

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