Heat Resistant Dash Cam

Best Heat Resistant Dash Cam

Date Time: January 08, 2024
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Heat Resistant Dash Cam

As summer approaches and temperatures rise, the risk of dash cams melting increases. The interior temperature of a car can reach between 130 to 172 degrees, posing a danger to both the device and passengers. For those living in desert regions or hot states, choosing a heat-resistant dash cam is crucial.


Heat Resistant Dash Cam

Why you need a heat resistant dash cam?

Opting for a heat-resistant dash cam comes with several advantages. Firstly, it provides a longer lifespan and durability, avoiding shutdowns or damage due to extreme temperatures. Secondly, it ensures the protection of your journeys even in severe weather conditions, guaranteeing the reliability of recorded footage.


Factors contributing to the heat resistance of dash cams:

The heat resistance of dash cams depends on design, battery type, temperature range, and installation position.

1. Design: Adequate cooling ventilation is crucial in regulating temperature and protecting internal components.

2. Battery Type: Dash cams powered by supercapacitors are safer and more efficient compared to those using lithium-ion batteries, reducing the risk of overheating and fire hazards.

3. Temperature Range: Dash cams are designed to operate effectively within specific temperature ranges, ensuring high-quality video capture and reliable performance in various weather conditions.

4. Installation Position: To avoid direct sunlight, it is recommended to install the dash cam near the top of the windshield, utilizing sunshades or black dot matrix patterns to reduce heat absorption.


Best dash cam for summer: YUWEI V5

The YUWEI V5 is meticulously designed and particularly suitable for summer conditions. Equipped with cross-grille ventilation and a heat-resistant film, it enhances airflow and cooling efficiency. Internal heat-resistant features such as smart parking mode ensure the protection of your vehicle in high-temperature situations. YUWEI is a dash cam factory offering a diverse range of feature-rich dash cams. Feel free to inquire at hello@yuweitek.com!

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