HD 1080p Car DVR Dash Cam with Night Vision

Date Time: October 18, 2023
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Author: ROYI

F4 - An Advanced HD 1080p Car DVR Dash Cam with Night Vision

The F4 is a cutting-edge, high-definition intelligent AI mobile hard disk video recorder. It incorporates an industrial-grade core high-speed processing chip, combining global 4G wireless transmission, WiFi communication, DVR functionality, and BDS/GPS dual-mode positioning.

car dvr dash cam 1080p

The F4 aims to provide comprehensive vehicle driving records and video monitoring capabilities. It is equipped with powerful artificial intelligence computing power, supporting ADAS (Advanced Driving Assistance System), BSD (Blind Spot Detection), DSM (Driver Status Monitoring), passenger status, cargo condition, and other advanced monitoring functions. This ensures high-level intelligent monitoring and enhances overall safety.

The F4 is a powerful SD card AI MDVR specifically designed for vehicle recording. It supports AI (ADAS & DSM & BSD) and offers options for 2-channel, 4-channel, and 8-channel recording. If the 4-channel option is selected, it can simultaneously record up to four cameras, with an additional Ethernet port for connecting IP cameras. With the built-in Linux embedded operating system, along with state-of-the-art H.265/H.264 video coding/decoding, 3G/4G network, GPS positioning, and WiFi technologies, the F4 boasts compact structure, shock resistance, easy installation, powerful functionality, and stable performance.

In addition, the F4 features high-definition 1080p video quality and efficient storage, making it essential for car recording. It supports H.265/H.264 video coding/decoding, allowing for superior video quality while storing more recording content within the same storage capacity.

Furthermore, the F4 supports GPS positioning and wireless transmission. The GPS positioning accurately determines the vehicle's location, enabling real-time awareness of driving routes and trajectories. Wireless transmission facilitates the quick upload of recorded content to the cloud or designated servers, facilitating subsequent data analysis and storage.

In summary, the F4 is an HD 1080p car DVR dash cam with night vision that integrates intelligence, high-definition capabilities, network connectivity, and security features into one device. It is suitable for various vehicle types such as buses, taxis, private cars, logistics vehicles, and special-purpose vehicles, providing owners and drivers with comprehensive and meticulous vehicle monitoring and safety assurance.

car dvr dash cam 1080p

car dvr dash cam 1080p

F4, a cutting-edge high-definition intelligent Al mobile DVR. Built with an industri-al-grade core high-speed processing chip

car dvr dash cam 1080p

DVR Dash Cam Q&A

What are DVR and CCTV?

A DVR converts analog camera signals into digital format and stores them on a hard disk. DVR and CCTV are storage methods for closed-circuit television security systems.

What is the difference between DVR and NVR?

A DVR converts analog material to digital, while an NVR is only suitable for digital material.

Can MDVR's video be accessed remotely?

Yes, yuweitek's MDVR supports remote access. You can connect to the MDVR through the background, and remotely view real-time video, playback video, and adjust settings.

How many camera connections does MDVR support?

The number of camera connections for MDVR depends on the specific model and configuration. Generally speaking, MDVR can support 2 to 8 L or even more camera connections

What is the role of a car DVR?

A car DVR provides functions such as 24-hour monitoring, audio and video recording, transmission, positioning, etc.

What is the difference between a dash cam and an MDVR?

An MDVR is a complete monitoring system with more functions than a driving recorder, such as sensors, in-car screens, etc.
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