How much is a dash cam?

Date Time: November 20, 2023
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Author: YUWEI

For friends who own a car, a dash cam is a familiar item. It is mainly used to record sudden situations inside and outside the car, providing evidence in the event of accidents, extortion, robbery, etc., to obtain insurance compensation and provide evidence for reporting to the authorities.

How much is a dash cam

For individual car owners and car fleet companies, dash cams serve the same purpose but with some differences. Here's a breakdown:

For individual car owners, a dash cam only needs to have video recording capabilities. If higher requirements are needed, they may choose a dash cam with front and rear dual cameras. However, in general, dash cams are mainly targeted at ordinary C-end car owners.

Products from brands like Xiaomi and 360 generally offer good value for money for this category. However, today we will focus on dash cams used by car fleets, which are typically used by B-end enterprise fleet customers.

In all countries where goods and people are transported, there are fleets, which can be divided into categories such as goods transportation fleets, passenger transportation fleets, construction fleets, emergency response fleets, etc. Common transportation fleets include trucks, refrigerated trucks, express delivery vehicles, and oil tankers. Common passenger transportation fleets mainly consist of buses and school buses. Construction fleets include vehicles such as dump trucks, concrete mixers, excavators, and forklifts. Emergency response fleets include familiar government vehicles such as ambulances, fire engines, and police cars.

B-end enterprise and government fleets are an indispensable part of our daily life, ensuring our living and material conditions. These vehicles are usually larger and have significant blind spots and operational errors, making them prone to traffic accidents and posing risks to the safety of drivers and pedestrians.

Ensuring the safety of these fleets is a top priority for fleet management companies, and after years of development, there are now established templates to follow.

These fleets are equipped with AI dash cams to better ensure the safety of the drivers and pedestrians. These dash cams are equipped with front and rear dual cameras as well as ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems) to support functions such as facial analysis and 360-degree panoramic parking. They also feature a voice alarm system to monitor the safety of the driver and the driving environment outside the vehicle at any time.

To facilitate fleet management, they are also equipped with PC software and apps, allowing administrators to remotely monitor and issue instructions. This makes it easier to conduct data report analysis and other tasks.

How much is a dash cam?A set of fleet camera surveillance systems is generally completed by equipping multiple-channel car DVRs and multiple cameras. The cost of a single camera is around $25, while the DVR costs approximately $125 (these are prices from the Chinese manufacturer YUWEI), offering a competitive advantage in pricing for products with similar performance.


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