Smart Fleet Dash Recorder Comparison

Date Time: October 21, 2022
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Smart Fleet Dash Recorder Comparison

In the face of hidden dangers to traffic safety, many car owners choose to install "Fleet Dash Recorder". The dash cam can record driving images. Once a traffic safety problem occurs, the image in the driving recorder can provide strong evidence for the traffic police to enforce the law. But for fleet managers of trucks, buses, and special vehicles, traditional driving recorders cannot solve the problem of driving safety and cost of the fleet.

 Smart Fleet Dash Recorder Comparison

The following is a comparison between a traditional new car recorder and a smart fleet dash cam:

1. Traditional driving recorders cannot prevent problems before they happen and reduce the probability of traffic accidents. For fleet managers, monitoring the driving behavior of fleet drivers and achieving standardized management can effectively control the occurrence of traffic accidents, but it is obviously impossible to achieve it only by driving recorders.

2. The smart driving recorder will be equipped with a GPS positioning system to achieve real-time tracking of the vehicle's position and timely adjustment of the driving route.

3. Although traditional driving recorders have also begun to expand their functions, most of them are only applicable to general users, and it is difficult to realize functional modularization and provide customized services for special users.


The Yuwei two-way vehicle driving recorder is equipped with two 1080P cameras inside and outside, and integrates the DMS driver monitoring system at the same time, which can bring three benefits.

1. Dual monitoring inside and outside the car, restore the truth of the accident in the first time;

2. The DMS driver monitoring system can effectively monitor the driver's irregular behaviors such as dozing off, smoking, and playing with mobile phones while driving, and issue an alarm;

3. Provide a strong basis for the fleet model management and reward and punishment mechanism.


Yuwei smart driving recorder has ADAS function. Through sensor fusion technology, the vehicle can perceive the surrounding environment, and use panoramic stitching technology to generate video data in real time.


Yuwei smart driving recorder is equipped with GPS navigation system, fleet managers can adjust driving routes in time to reduce fuel costs.


*Provide customizable services. Fleet managers can choose corresponding functions according to their own needs, and easily manage the fleet on the customized App.


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