Taxi Fleet GPS Tracking Management System

Taxi Fleet GPS Tracking Camera Management System

Date Time: May 31, 2024
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Taxi Fleet GPS Tracking Management System

Taxi Market Demand and Challenges

As regulatory restrictions ease, new market entrants emerge, and demand for higher quality services grows, the taxi solutions industry is undergoing significant changes. This places immense pressure on global taxi and transportation providers. We are committed to helping the industry navigate these changes and leverage them to drive growth and success.

 TAXI FLEET management system

01/ Taxi Drivers

- Safety concerns

- Navigation challenges

- Monotonous operating model

- Low efficiency

- Competition

- Driver fatigue


02/ Taxi Passengers

- Safety concerns

- Route deviations

- Inconvenience for tourists

- Lack of entertainment

- No evidence for disputes


03/ Fleet Operators

- High insurance costs

- Competition from Uber

- Difficulties in managing drivers

- Lack of evidence for disputes

- Dispatch challenges and resource wastage


YUWEI Taxi Solutions

YUWEI offers a GPS tracking management system with a taxi dispatch system for electronic dispatch, GPS navigation, communication, identification, and more. Our taxi VSS (Vehicle Surveillance System) solution leverages advanced technologies and features to enhance operational efficiency, passenger safety, and overall service quality.

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MDT and Taxi Dispatch System

Our solution includes a Mobile Data Terminal (MDT) integrated with a taxi dispatch system, providing efficient electronic dispatch, navigation, communication, and identification for taxi services.


End-to-End Taxi Operation Solutions

We offer comprehensive solutions covering the entire taxi operation process. This includes integration with payment devices like POS systems and printers for seamless payment transactions and receipt printing.

taxi camera system

Seat Sensor Integration

Our solution utilizes seat sensor technology to prevent driver fraud, ensuring accurate tracking of seat occupancy and preventing dishonest reporting by taxi drivers.


HD Video Streaming and Recording

Our solution offers HD video streaming and recording to enhance passenger and driver safety, providing valuable evidence in case of incidents or disputes.


Emergency Button

To ensure passenger and driver safety, our solution includes an emergency button for immediate reporting of emergencies. This allows for quick response and appropriate measures to protect passengers and drivers.


Wifi Hotspots and Rear Screens

Our solution provides Wifi hotspots and rear screens for taxis, offering passengers entertainment options and displaying advertisements. This enhances passenger experience and creates additional revenue streams for operators.


Solution Advantages

YUWEI provides a reliable integrated software and hardware solution for taxi operation and dispatch, effectively preserving event data as evidence and improving company taxi management efficiency.

 taxi dispatch system with gps tracking functions

Easy Payment

- Powerful and cost-effective MDT

- Complete integration between devices

- Saves on hardware inputs

- Flexible and accurate mileage calculation: pulse, GPS, CAN


Modular Design

- Dispatch system improves efficiency

- Advertising adds additional profit

- Video evidence ensures driver and passenger rights



- AI features make taxi VSS more intelligent

- Data center for expanding more accessories

- Customizable features to save capital expenditure

- MDVR+MDT+Onboard Display: Seamlessly add new systems

 taxi security camera system

Benefits for Taxi Operations

- Avoid bad driving behavior, easy attendance tracking

- Increase passenger volume through electronic booking systems

- Automatically calculate taxi fares as per the designated system

- Effectively improve taxi utilization, increase profits

- Improve ROI by introducing advertising services

- Enhance passenger experience with infotainment and internet access

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