Best Dash Cam with GPS Tracking in 2023

Best Dash Cam with GPS Tracking in 2023

Date Time: July 20, 2023
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Best Dash Cam with GPS Tracking in 2023

A dash cam can record the image and sound of the car on the way, restoring the truth of the scene and providing evidence for traffic accidents. It can be said that a dash cam with GPS positioning function is one of the necessary products for cars. Today, we recommend our Yuwei GPS positioning + car recording two-in-one high-performance dash cam, the "V5".

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What is the use of a GPS dash cam?

- GPS allows self-positioning and contact with people around you, making it easy to be found in case of danger.

- In areas with bad signal, such as mountain roads, it can still locate and prevent getting lost.

- It provides accurate location information to avoid unnecessary troubles.

- Additionally, a dash cam with positioning function supports remote monitoring, navigation, and can record the driving track, instantly synchronizing the location information to the mobile phone.

YUWEI "V5" is a cost-effective 4G LTE dash cam that adopts 4G Cat.4 network communication and supports BDS+GPS dual positioning. In the event of a collision or emergency, GH08 can quickly upload the short video to the server for storage and trigger a real-time alarm to notify the operator, ensuring vehicle safety. With full-color high-resolution recording cameras, you can remotely view the driving video screen in real-time.

The GPS positioning + driving record 2-in-1 high-performance dash cam is one of the best-selling dash cams with the best features in China in 2023.

Key Features:

- 4G full network high-speed car networking: The device adopts a 4G network communication module, supporting domestic mobile telecom Unicom 4G and some foreign 4G network signals. It provides fast transmission speed, strong signal, and wider coverage.

- Anti-theft positioning: Through the platform / mobile phone, you can real-time query vehicle location and access vehicle history track for playback.

- Remote real-time monitoring: Through the platform / APP, you can remotely connect to the dash cam to watch real-time video and capture, always keeping track of the vehicle status.

- Collision Lock: Built-in G-SENSOR gravity sensor detects collisions in the vehicle and immediately notifies and starts the capture procedure, preserving key images as evidence.

- WiFi Access: Connect the recorder via mobile phone WiFi to preview and read the videos and pictures in the memory card in real time. You can also download the video files and make local settings for the recorder.

- SOS Alarm: When the driver encounters a special situation, they can long-press the alarm button to immediately record emergency video and simultaneously send an alarm to the monitoring platform.

- Early warning function: National road speed limit data is synchronously updated online, ensuring early warning during driving and effectively avoiding tickets.

- Track playback: You can retrieve the vehicle's history track for playback, accessing history tracks within a few months.

- Parking monitoring: The device, when connected to the vehicle's constant power source, enables parking monitoring and provides location information and video for normal viewing.

- Compact body does not block the line of sight: The mini and compact body ensures it doesn't block the line of sight while driving. The adhesive installation method is convenient and firm.

In addition, Yuvision "V5" also offers driving behavior analysis, various abnormal alarms, Wi-Fi direct connection synchronization, and other functions to help managers monitor the vehicle's status at any time, reducing costs and increasing efficiency for fleet management. It meets the remote fleet management needs of private cars, online car rental, taxis, auto finance and insurance, government or enterprise official vehicles, etc."

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