Truck Dash Cameras

ADAS Camera For Car
ADAS Camera For Car


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Advanced Driving Assistance System(ADAS) HD camera is a key component of the advanced assisted driving system. Through ADAS software algorithms, advanced driving assistance functions such as lane departure warning, lane keeping, collision avoidance or pre-collision detection, pedestrian protection, adaptive lighting control, and traffic sign recognition can be realized.
Fleet Dash Cam
Fleet Dash Cam with GPS and HD cameras

Model V5

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The Intelligent Video Telematics V5 is a feature-rich 4G Dash Camera designed forthe car video surveillance industry.

lt is a dash cam front and rear . supports up to 4 channel cameras, offers real-time audio and video recording, andutilizes dual TF cards for storage. With Global 4G network connectivity, it enables livevideo transmission, while GPS/BDS positioning ensures accurate tracking.

The dashboard camera V5 also integrates built-in active safety algorithms (ADAS, DSM) for enhanced se-curity. Widely used in online car-hailing, taxis, logistics, and official vehicles.
DSM Camera Y10


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The DSM HD camera 720P 'Y10' is an AI device developed by Yuwei based on image recognition technology. Equipped with its independently-developed advanced image intelligent processing core algorithm, this device can perform real-time monitoring of the driver's fatigue status and unsafe driving behavior, provide timely voice safety warnings, and report to the management platform. This provides drivers with more proactive and intelligent safety assurance, and reduces the incidence of safety accidents.
Telematics Control Unit (T-box)
Telematics Control Unit (T-box) A6


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T-BOX (Telematics Control Unit) A6 is a terminal designed for remote control and vehicle data collection tailored to both commercial and passenger vehicle applications.

It features GPS/BeiDou positioning monitoring, 4G network transmission, built-in WiFi/Bluetooth, high-speed CAN communication, NW network management, UDS diagnostics, BootLoader program flashing, E-CALL/B-CALL, credit-based vehicle immobilization, driver behavior analysis, zero power consumption, and more.

It provides services such as holistic vehicle logistics monitoring, retrieval of engine and vehicle development data, post-sales troubleshooting, fleet management, and financial credit and lending.

Truck Dash Cameras Q&A

Do truck dash cameras record all the time?

Truck dash cams can record the entire journey. Yuwei dash cams are usually equipped with loop recording function, which can continuously record videos during the vehicle's journey.

In addition, Yuwei dash cams also have event-triggered recording function. When certain events such as collision, sudden braking or vibration occur, the dash cam will automatically save relevant video clips for later viewing and analysis.

In conclusion, Yuwei truck dash cams are your best choice as they provide full-journey recording function, allowing you to review and check the vehicle's journey at any time.

What is the best dash camera for trucks?

There are many excellent truck dash cams available on the market, and some highly recommended options include:

1. Yuwei AI V5 Dash Cam For trucks - This truck dash cam features GPS/BDS real-time positioning, 1080P HD video recording (with night vision), and supports front and rear recording. It is suitable for truck fleets.

2. Forward Intelligence J1939 Truck Dash Cam - This dash cam offers high-definition video recording, GPS positioning, and driving data recording. It is specifically designed for trucks to meet their driving needs.

3. BlackVue DR750X-2CH-TRUCK - This is a dual-channel dash cam for trucks with ultra-HD video recording, night vision capabilities, GPS positioning, and real-time video transmission. It is suitable for large trucks.

4. THINKWARE FA200IR DC - This dash cam features a dual-lens design, supporting front and rear recording. It also includes parking surveillance, collision detection, and high-temperature protection. It is suitable for truck drivers' safety needs.

Do trucks have dash cameras?

Most truck managers choose to install dash cams. Dash cams can record and save videos, audios, and relevant data during the vehicle's journey, including speed, route, and time information. Dash cams are very useful tools for truck drivers and fleet managers as they provide accident evidence, monitor driving behavior, improve safety awareness, and help resolve disputes and insurance claims.

You may not be aware, but trucks equipped with dash cams may potentially reduce insurance premiums.