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Commercial Truck Telematics Companies

Date Time: January 31, 2024
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Commercial Truck Telematics System

Due to factors such as large weight and volume, wide turning radius, numerous blind spots, low travel speed, and long braking distance, trucks are a major source of accidents. Improving truck safety is an urgent matter!

With the development of the economy and the trend of online shopping, freight transportation plays an increasingly important role in people's lives. However, challenges such as cargo loss, driver fatigue, speeding, and overloading still persist. To ensure the safety of people's property, supervise driver behavior, and ensure personal safety, it is crucial to effectively manage vehicle information.

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Challenges in commercial truck tracking management include

Safety and Security Issues

Goods are prone to damage or loss during transportation, especially during long-distance hauls. Although GPS positioning systems provide vehicle navigation and dispatching functions, the security of goods is difficult to guarantee, leading to disputes between logistics companies and clients over compensation for lost or damaged goods.


Driver Behavior Supervision

Ensuring compliance with driving regulations and monitoring vehicle routes poses a major challenge in operations. Speeding, fatigue driving, traffic violations, and other undesirable behaviors increase safety risks during the transportation of goods and may lead to accidents, increasing legal and insurance costs for logistics companies.


Difficulty in Customer Information Communication

Customers often need real-time information about the location of their goods, timely delivery status, and estimated arrival times. Traditional query methods (phone or online queries) may be inefficient, especially for smaller logistics companies, leading to frequent customer inquiries about the transportation process.


Fuel Management and Theft Prevention

Fuel theft incidents increase operational costs for logistics companies and present a complex management issue. Improper handling may affect the driver's emotions, and the high cost of fuel makes effective prevention of fuel theft incidents particularly important.


Inadequate Real-time Event Response

When encountering unexpected events such as traffic accidents, vehicle breakdowns, or traffic jams during transportation, the monitoring center may not respond promptly. This could result in delayed goods, increased customer complaints, and damage to the reputation and customer satisfaction of logistics companies. Therefore, establishing a real-time event response mechanism is crucial to solving operational challenges.

Commercial Truck Telematics Solution

China YUWEI is among the Commercial Truck Telematics Companies. Leveraging years of experience in the development of in-vehicle monitoring products, China YUWEI has introduced a 4G commercial truck remote information processing solution to address the challenges faced by freight transportation companies. The system encodes and stores audio-video, GPS, and alarm data through the MDVR (Mobile Digital Video Recorder) main unit. It utilizes 3G/4G mobile networks for the upload of audio-video, alarm information, and GPS data. Additionally, it enables remote management operations such as device upgrades, parameter modifications, digital intercom, and remote snapshots. The monitoring center personnel only need to authorize the corresponding vehicles through the server backend software, generate the corresponding accounts and passwords, and then manage them uniformly. Furthermore, other accounts can be created through the web client for real-time viewing and management on smartphones and computers.


The system provides real-time dynamic monitoring of vehicles, personnel, environmental conditions, and hazardous material status throughout the entire transportation process. It offers decision support for route planning, resource allocation, economic analysis, and helps companies dynamically supervise hazardous material vehicles, addressing management gaps. Through the analysis of driving record data, it triggers timely alerts before accidents occur, ensuring safety. In the event of an accident, it aids in quickly and accurately determining the cause of the accident.


Functions of the Commercial Truck Telematics Solution

The system includes in-vehicle monitoring hardware, a 4G mobile communication network, and IVMS (In-Vehicle Monitoring System) software center.

1. In-Vehicle Monitoring Hardware System: This vital component involves installing in-vehicle cameras both inside and outside the vehicle to capture audio-video data for comprehensive monitoring. It uses the global positioning system (GPS) for real-time vehicle tracking. Additionally, it integrates in-vehicle alarm switches to provide corresponding alarm prompts (e.g., alarm buttons, brakes, door magnetic switches). With the inclusion of a digital intercom, it facilitates communication between the platform and individual or multiple vehicles. Equipped with a fatigue driving monitor, it ensures the driver's alertness, preventing traffic accidents. For refrigerated transport vehicles, a temperature sensor monitors the temperature inside the cargo hold in real-time. When an oil level sensor is installed, the monitoring center receives timely alerts about abnormal fuel levels, preventing fuel theft. The in-vehicle MDVR main unit encodes, stores, and wirelessly transmits audio-video, GPS, and alarm data through 3G/4G networks to the server, enabling remote monitoring and management of vehicles.


2. 4G Mobile Communication Network: Facilitates real-time remote high-definition playback of audio-video, real-time sharing of GPS positioning, and real-time two-way communication.


3. IVMS Software Center: Allows viewing, downloading, and playback of recorded in-vehicle videos. Combined with GIS electronic maps, it displays the status and distribution of vehicles, queries and replays driving trajectories, and shows alarm information, quickly locating the geographical position and on-site video of alarmed vehicles. It supports analysis reports and generates data reports on distance traveled, fuel consumption, violations, etc., in the background.


Installation of Cameras (Multiple cameras for larger vehicle sizes)

1. Front-facing camera: Functions as a dashcam.

2. Driver's seat camera: Ensures operational compliance, deters robbery, and provides alarm functionality.

3. Fuel tank camera: Monitors for fuel theft.

4. External cargo area cameras: Monitor the cargo hold and check for lost items.

5. Internal cargo area cameras: Monitor the cargo hold and check for lost items.

6. Internal cargo area cameras: Monitor the cargo hold and check the status of goods.

7. Rear-facing camera: Provides a rearview and checks for lost items.


China YUWEI is among the Commercial Truck Telematics Companies. For those in need of in-vehicle monitoring systems, quotations can be obtained by contacting

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