The Best Truck CCTV Camera System

The Best Truck CCTV Camera System

Date Time: January 29, 2024
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The Best Truck CCTV Camera System

The rapid increase in freight vehicles has revealed a series of issues in vehicle management, such as delayed deliveries, unclear responsibility for damaged goods, and complaints due to lost shipments. This has resulted in low dispatch efficiency, underutilization of vehicles, significantly impacting the company's image, and hindering its development. 

truck cctv camera system

The following is a demand analysis

1. Despite the installation of GPS positioning systems in freight vehicles, the security of goods is difficult to ensure, leading to disputes over lost or damaged goods along the route.

2. Unsupervised driver operations have increased safety hazards in cargo transportation.

3. Customers face difficulties in obtaining information about their goods, relying only on phone or online queries, resulting in dissatisfaction.

4. Frequent incidents of fuel theft in trucks increase operational costs.

5. Inadequate handling of sudden events leads to delayed shipments and customer complaints.

6. Market demands for the quality of logistics services from companies continue to rise.

To address these issues, YUWEI has introduced the 4G Truck CCTV Camera System solution:

- Utilizing the MDVR main unit to encode, store, and transmit audio/video, GPS, and alarm data via 3G/4G networks.

- Supporting remote management operations, including upgrades, parameter modifications, two-way communication, and remote snapshots.

- Implementing unified management through a server monitoring center accessible by multiple users in real-time through a web client.

The system comprises the front-end vehicle-mounted monitoring system, mobile communication network, and server monitoring center:

A: Front-end vehicle-mounted monitoring system

- Installing cameras inside and outside the vehicle for comprehensive monitoring.

- Real-time positioning using GPS, with an external alarm switch for corresponding alerts.

- Equipping with features like two-way communication, fatigue driving monitor, and fuel level sensor to enhance safety.

- MDVR main unit encoding, storing, and transmitting audio/video, GPS, and alarm data via 3G/4G.

B: Mobile communication network

- Using 3G/4G mobile networks for the transmission of audio/video, GPS, and alarm data.

- Supporting remote upgrades, parameter modifications, two-way communication, and viewing of alarm information.

C: Server monitoring center

- Comprising IVMS server cluster, backend management software, and client software.

- Enabling real-time monitoring, recording, snapshots, and viewing of alarm information for multiple vehicles.

- Centralized management, with the ability to create accounts for real-time viewing and management through a web client.

Truck CCTV Camera System

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