What is a car spherical camera and how do you use it?

Date Time: April 02, 2021
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A 360-degree spherical camera is a device with front and rear lenses that cover 180 degrees each, capturing everything around it at the same time. When a wide visual area needs to be covered, such as taking panoramic photos, a 360 camera is necessary.

What is a car spherical camera and how do you use it

This type of camera can capture many viewpoints, including front, left, rear, and right. This configuration helps drivers maneuver in narrow spaces, traffic congestion, and parking. These cameras can also provide an overhead view of the vehicle. The camera continuously takes pictures of the surroundings and generates an animated top-down view.

How does a 360-degree car camera work?

The 360-degree car camera system utilizes a collection of photos from various cameras placed strategically throughout the vehicle to provide a broad view and cover blind spots. These points are usually the front grille, the area below the side mirrors, and the rear of the vehicle.

The actual action takes place in the vehicle's computer, where these individual photos are combined to create a 360-degree view. The software in your car's computer uses many different processing steps to compile these images from multiple cameras. It eliminates distortion from wide-angle lenses, eliminates overlap between photos, and stitches the images together to provide a perfectly clear view of the surrounding area.

Finally, the software displays a view of the area surrounding the vehicle, along with the vehicle's graphic and grid lines. Now, you can easily determine whether to increase or decrease steering to fit the parking spot.

What are the benefits of installing a 360-degree camera on a car?

Installing a 360-degree camera on a car is essential because monitoring large vehicles such as sedans, pickups, buses, trucks, and container trucks can be challenging. By installing a 360-degree camera, drivers can drive more safely because it eliminates blind spots. As it is essential not to see the front, back, or sides of the vehicle, safe driving aids are indispensable.

For inexperienced drivers, especially women, who have an unstable steering wheel or lack experience, a 360-degree camera is definitely necessary. The 360-degree camera installed in the car can make it easier for women to back up or turn left or right without causing any preventable accidents.


One of the most useful additional features of a vehicle, especially large sedans and SUVs, is a 360-degree camera. This feature comes in handy when we are stuck in traffic or have difficulty parking. Even small cars with a lot of pillars around can benefit from it. For novice drivers, this feature is undoubtedly helpful.

For drivers, whether inexperienced or experienced, complex traffic conditions bring many challenges. Therefore, adopting a 360-degree car camera is essential to achieve safer and simpler driving.

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