What is GPS Tracker for Car

What is GPS Tracker for car?

Date Time: July 28, 2023
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What is GPS Tracker for Car

When the GPS positioning terminal is composed of hardware and software for vehicle positioning, it is called gps tracker, but positioning alone is not enough, and the positioning information must be transmitted to the alarm center or vehicle GPS holder. We call it the first three parties. Therefore, the GPS positioning system also includes GSM network communication (mobile phone communication), and the satellite positioning information is sent to a third party in the form of a short message through the GSM network. Interpret the SMS information through the microcomputer, and display the vehicle position on the electronic map. In this way, the GPS positioning of the vehicle is realized.


what is gps tracker for car

At the same time, corresponding detection sensors are installed on the car, and the GSM network communication function of the GPS positioning of the car is also used to send the anti-theft alarm information to the third party, or directly send the alarm call and text message to the third party. The owner's mobile phone can complete the use of the car. GPS anti-theft alarm. It can be seen here that the GSM network part of the vehicle GPS positioning is actually a smart phone, which can communicate with third parties, and can also send information such as vehicles being robbed, drivers being robbed, and kidnapped to third parties. third party.


Therefore, car GPS positioning is positioning, anti-theft, and anti-robbery. Similar to the car GPS terminal, there are also positioning mobile phones and personal locators. Since GPS satellite positioning requires the use of third-party positioning services, various monthly/annual service fees need to be paid. At present, all GPS positioning terminals do not have navigation functions. Costs increase due to the need to add additional hardware and software.


Now you should almost understand what the car GPS is used for, it is something related to car and satellite positioning.


The most common are GPS products used in cars and large freight vehicles. So your current car GPS is the satellite positioning product used in the car.

 gps tracker for car

Vehicle GPS has two main purposes, namely location monitoring and navigation. Since navigation has been widely used in civilian use, when everyone mentions car GPS, it is a navigation product used in cars. That is, a vehicle-mounted or portable GPS navigator used in a car. GPS is a satellite positioning system, which locates the access point through satellites, so as to know the location of the access point. The vehicle satellite positioning system is mainly used in the field of car navigation. The focus of car GPS is GPS positioning.

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