How do Fleet Dash Cams work

How do Fleet Dash Cams work?

Date Time: July 27, 2023
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How do Fleet Dash Cams work

When it comes to the working principle of the driving recorder, it is actually not complicated. The driving recorder itself will be equipped with a camera lens. When the car is driving, the driving recorder will record the captured images to the host through the lens and store them in the storage medium (usually SD memory card or built-in space machine). in storage). If we need to browse the recorded video, we only need to use the computer to read the saved video information or directly use the driving recorder screen to view the recorded video.


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Then someone may ask, the functions of the driving recorder and the camera are not exactly the same, so it is enough to install a camera in the car. My point is that while the principle is the same, the turn recorder itself has some unique advantages.


1. Power supply

The power supply of the driving recorder itself comes from the power supply of the car cigarette lighter, which is essentially different from the 220V power supply required by ordinary camera equipment.

2. Stability

The dashcam has a special mount that allows it to stay in the car throughout the day. Moreover, the steering recorder itself is specially optimized for the interior of the car, with better stability guarantee.


3. Features

The driving recorder has a variety of functions designed for special behaviors during driving, such as motion detection, parking guard, one-button emergency lock, gravity detection, delayed shutdown, motion detection, etc. exist.


4. Loop recording

The storage space of the driving recorder is limited, but it can reclaim the storage space by overwriting the oldest records after the storage space is full, so that the video information in your recorder is always up to date. Whether it supports loop recording is also the most essential difference between a driving recorder and a general camera.


5. Multifunctional customization

Call, GPS/BD positioning/360 panorama sensitivity, etc.

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