Airport Vehicle Positioning Monitoring and Management System

Date Time: December 07, 2023
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Author: YUWEI

China YUWEI is a manufacturer of onboard monitoring systems for airport service vehicles. By installing wide-angle cameras, fatigue driving cameras, onboard positioning terminals, radar, intercoms, and other hardware devices, as well as real-time transmission of onboard perception, image analysis, and high-precision positioning data to the central control console's LCD display and monitoring management platform, the system achieves effective collision avoidance, fatigue prevention, speed limit monitoring, fencing, distraction alerts, and blind spot detection to ensure safe driving. It also enables tracking, monitoring, and management of airport vehicles.

Airport Vehicle Positioning System

Airport Vehicle Monitoring and Management System Function:

1. Vehicle Position Display

Real-time positioning display, remote terminal display

2. Track Playback:

Supports simultaneous playback of multiple vehicles; precise historical trajectory, big data algorithms remove outlier and breakpoint data to ensure accuracy. Historical trajectories of one or multiple vehicles or aircraft can be queried based on license plate number and time period. The system synchronously displays the speed trajectory curve of the vehicle, showing the starting point, endpoint, and direction of each trajectory.

3. Video Surveillance:

Real-time multi-angle vehicle videos (driver;s cab, 360-degree panoramic, ADAS monitoring, DSM monitoring, BSD monitoring).

Airport Vehicle Management System

4. Alarm Center:

Speeding warning, area speed limit, fencing warning, operation density warning, collision prevention warning, fatigue prevention warning, and driving behavior warning to enhance driving safety.

5. Alarm Statistics Report:

Real-time alarms for speeding, boundary crossing, abnormal person-vehicle matching, electronic fencing, and abnormal parking areas. Exportable reports can display information on alarmed vehicles and violation types in the alarm list.

Airport Vehicle monitor System

6. Vehicle Information Management

Manage driver information, vehicle information, vehicle maintenance and repair records, and support data filtering, import, and export.

7. Abnormal Person-Vehicle Matching Alarm:

Verify driver;s license qualifications, unit information, etc., through facial recognition or driver swiping NFC card, and issue alerts for non-compliance.

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