The Best Transit Bus Camera Systems

Date Time: December 06, 2023
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Without a video camera monitoring system, it is difficult to effectively monitor security on public buses, prevent fare evasion and theft by drivers and passengers, and detect driving violations. In the case of accidents such as collisions or scrapes, it is also challenging to determine who is at fault.

Transit Bus Camera

CHINA YUWEI Transit Bus Camera Systems provide real-time monitoring, video playback, GPS location tracking, route playback, device status checks, emergency alarms, and more through 4G network connection to the on-board unit. Additionally, it supports remote monitoring, intelligent scheduling, route management, passenger flow statistics, and other functions, which can improve bus efficiency, reduce operating costs, minimize disputes between drivers and passengers, provide legal basis for public safety, and regulate driver and crew behavior to enhance the quality of public transportation services.

Transit Bus Camera Systems

The Transit Bus Camera Systems include a mobile hard disk video recorder (referred to as a vehicle DVR or MDVR), AI dash cam, on-board LCD display, alarm button and status display terminal, intercom, SOS alarm button, passenger flow counter, card reader, microphone, on-board camera, and auxiliary driving system. The vehicle DVR includes a wireless networking communication module, GPS and BeiDou positioning module.

The software platform consists of a video recording platform, driver information management platform, dispatching system, behavior analysis system, etc.

Transit Bus Camera Systems features

Automatic stop announcement:

Utilizing GPS/BeiDou real-time positioning function and combined with the specific longitude and latitude information of each station, the China YUWEI on-board terminal device automatically recognizes whether it has arrived at the station and broadcasts the station name based on the pre-stored station information.

Passenger flow statistics:

The solution implemented by HuaBao Technology enables real-time automatic statistics of passenger boarding and alighting, and sends the data to the platform in real-time. Thus, the passenger load of each vehicle, the boarding and alighting situation at each station, and the degree of busyness or congestion at each station can be timely understood. By analyzing this passenger flow data, vehicle dispatch can be reasonably scheduled to make travel more convenient for the public.

Route management:

Management of single-route and multi-route bus lines.

Intelligent scheduling:

Using software algorithms to rationally schedule vehicles and drivers to optimize resource allocation.

Alarm prompt:

Automatic monitoring and voice reminder of driving speed to prevent speeding; electronic fence to prevent drivers from changing routes or parking illegally; SOS alarm linkage for quick response in special incidents.

Video storage and playback:

Used for evidence retrieval and tracing after the fact.

Remote real-time monitoring:

3G/4G remote video and location monitoring, ensuring passenger safety.

Historical route playback:

Through playback software, the platform can remotely view the formal trajectory of public buses at any time, including longitude and latitude, driving direction, driving speed, alarm status, positioning type, and more, for data analysis.

Data statistics and analysis:

Provides data support for driver and crew attendance, performance evaluation, and operational decision-making management.

Furthermore, YUWEI provides other excellent solutions, such as waste truck monitoring, school bus monitoring, freight truck monitoring, sanitation truck video monitoring, cold chain logistics monitoring, and more.

How much does Transit Bus Camera Systems cost?

The price of Transit Bus Camera Systems depends on the hardware and software features included. For example, the cost of a single camera is $25 USD. The number of cameras you plan to install on a school bus, the number of MDVRs you need, and whether you require 1080p recording are all factors that can affect the price. You can submit your requirements to us, and we will reply to your email with a formal quote within 12 hours.

*Our advantage is that we offer more competitive prices than similar products. (Because we are a Chinese manufacturer)

Is YUWEI Transit Bus Camera Systems compliant?

The hardware devices included in YUWEI Transit Bus Camera Systems have passed EU CE and US FCC testing and certification and hold CE certification.

In addition, YUWEI factory has international recognized ISO 9001 quality management system certification and ISO 14001 environmental management system qualification. Please rest assured to buy!

Does your Transit Bus Camera Systems include onboard monitoring devices?

Yes, YUWEI provides a complete set of school bus hardware and software services. In addition to providing our independently developed multilingual Transit Bus Camera Systems, we are also manufacturers of onboard monitoring devices. We produce hardware required for the management system, such as GPS trackers, MDVRs, ADAS cameras, DSM cameras, onboard displays, blind spot cameras, interior and exterior cameras, facial recognition machines, vital sign detection devices, etc.

What is Transit Bus tracking?

Transit Bus tracking is the use of GPS/BDSS satellite positioning, 1080p cameras, and 4G/5G communication to monitor the daily operation of Transit Buses.

Transit Bus camera installation

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