Android ADAS Car DVR Camera 1080P Manufacturer

Android ADAS Car DVR Camera 1080P

Date Time: April 17, 2024
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Android ADAS Car DVR Camera 1080P Manufacturer

YUWEI Car DVR adopts the Android system, integrating GPS satellite positioning monitoring, 1080P HD video monitoring, 4G wireless communication, emergency alarm, voice calls, ADAS assisted driving, DSM driver monitoring, and rich expansion interface functions into one. It is a vehicle-mounted terminal widely used in the commercial vehicle field such as passenger vehicles and long-distance trucks.


Car DVR Features:

High-definition real-time video

Supports 8+1 channels of full HD 1080P audio and video monitoring recording, using H.265 high compression

Multiple hard disk storage

Supports dual hard disks, equipped with multiple hard disk protection mechanisms to continue recording in shaky environments

Dual-channel video signal output

Supports dual-channel video signal output of CVBS standard definition and VGA high definition

Global network communication standard

Supports 5G/4G/3G/2G global network communication standards, compatible with dual SIM cards

Dual-mode positioning

Supports GPS/BDS dual-mode positioning

External display terminal

Supports external driver display terminal for data display and settings

Multiple alarm modes

Supports various alarm mechanisms such as emergency alarm, overspeed alarm, lane departure alarm, fatigue driving alarm, and device malfunction alarm

ADAS and DSM systems

ADAS assisted driving system (forward collision warning FCW, front vehicle distance monitoring HMW, lane departure warning LDW, urban forward collision warning UFCW, traffic sign recognition TSR, sharp turn, rapid acceleration, rapid deceleration, pedestrian collision warning PCW) + DSM driver monitoring system (closed eyes, fatigue driving, answering phone calls, smoking, bowing head, yawning, etc.)

Android Car DVR

Android Car DVR 1080p

Car dvr with adasAndroid Car DVR supplier

adas Car DVR supplier

YUWEI Car DVR Specifications:


Detailed Specification

Appearance structure

Size: 145×58×193mm

Shell material: PC+ABS, body material: aluminum alloy

Protection grade


Environmental suitability

Operating temperature: -30℃~70℃,

Storage temperature: -40℃~85℃

Working voltage

Working voltage range: 9 - 32V

Support car battery protection: 8.5V±0.5V/12V system, 17V±0.5V/24V system

12V/24V adaptive,36V system is not supported

Ultra-low power consumption design

Static current <2mA

Support zero- power-consumption sleep mode

Power consumption

Average power consumption is less than 30W

Super capacitor

3 super capacitors can supply power to the system and camera

2~3s to save the complete video before power failure

Indicator lights

4 lights (1 positioning signal, 1 communication signal, 1 video recording, 1 terminal operation indication)

External interface

Power supply: TE-1318384-2

Positioning antenna connector: Fakra-C blue

Communication antenna connector: Fakra-D

Video interface: M12-4

IPC interface: M12-6


Maximum 6 channels of AHD/CVBS video input, can supply power to the camera, the output voltage value is 12V, single channel maximum output current 0.5A

1-channel IPC video input connector, 12V power supply

1-channel CVBS output


2-way camera recording, recording line supports key input detection

1 way shout MIC input


2.5-inch mechanical / solid state hard disk, can support 7mm / 9.5mm, hard disk shock absorption device fixed in the terminal (Maximum capacity support 2TB)

2 SD cards, pluggable mode, does not support simultaneous recording (Maximum capacity support 512GB)

Data interface

2-way RS232 interface, 5V power supply @ 500mA

1-way 485 interface, 1 way IPC interface, 12V power output (1A)

Positioning module

GPS and BeiDou positioning module

Communication module

4G module

SIM card

Drawer plug-in SIM card

IO function

8-channel input: ACC, left steering, right steering, door edge, emergency, reverse, brake, speed pulse

1 way output: fuel break power


Does Car DVR support video analytics?

Yes, our Car DVR can support video analysis function. These features may include motion detection, facial recognition, license plate recognition, and more. We have an independently developed statistical platform for users to use;

Can MDVR's video be accessed remotely?

Yes, yuweitek's Car DVR supports remote access. You can connect to the MDVR through the background, and remotely view real-time video, playback video, and adjust settings.

On which vehicles is MDVR used?

Car DVR is mainly used in buses, trucks, tourist vehicles, escort vehicles, school buses, logistics vehicles, fire engines, ambulances, passenger vehicles, etc.

What is Car DVR?

Car digital video recorders are known as Car DVRs. MDVR differs from DVR in that the letter M stands for mobile. So it is called (Mobile Digital Video Recording System), which is a digital video recorder specially designed for vehicle monitoring. It is used together with the car camera to record events inside or outside the car, and generally has extended functions such as Beidou/GPS satellite positioning and wireless remote transmission (WIFI, 3G/4G).

How many camera connections does MDVR support?

The number of camera connections for Car DVR depends on the specific model and configuration. Generally speaking, MDVR can support 2 to 8 L or even more camera connections.
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