Good industry background in typesetting

Best Semi Truck Camera System

Date Time: January 23, 2024
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Good industry background in typesetting

With the rapid development of the economy, the number of semi-trailer trucks and freight vehicles is increasing, and a series of loopholes in vehicle management are gradually exposed. Problems such as delayed delivery of goods, unclear responsibility for damaged goods, and loss of goods often occur, resulting in customer complaints. During the operation process, there are also problems such as vehicle hijacking, loss or damage of goods along the way, driver misconduct, abnormal fuel consumption, and safety accidents, which cannot effectively identify the real causes. These problems lead to inefficient vehicle scheduling, low utilization of vehicles, seriously affecting the company's image, and restricting the company's further development.

In order to meet the needs of customers and social development, logistics management urgently needs to reduce operating costs and improve service levels. This requires logistics companies to be able to timely, accurately and comprehensively grasp the information of transportation vehicles, and achieve real-time monitoring and scheduling of transportation vehicles.

Best Semi Truck Camera System

Are the managers of logistics companies troubled by the following issues?

  • Goods cannot be delivered on time, damaged or lost

  • Potential safety hazards such as driver's illegal operation and fatigue driving

  • The customer cannot query the status of the goods in real time

  • Oil theft is frequent

  • Inadequate response to traffic accidents, robberies and other emergencies

  • Faced with these problems, logistics companies need an efficient and real-time solution to improve service levels and meet customer needs.


The best semi-truck camera system

YUWEI has launched a 3G/4G vehicle intelligent monitoring system solution based on years of experience in vehicle monitoring product development. The system encodes, stores, and uploads audio and video, GPS, and alarm data through the MDVR host via 3G/4G mobile network. The system can realize remote device upgrades, parameter modifications, digital intercom, and remote capture operations. The monitoring center manages authorized vehicles through server back-end software, and supports multi-user real-time viewing and management.

Best Semi Truck Camera System

The front-end vehicle monitoring system is an important component of the entire solution. It collects audio and video data by installing cameras inside and outside the vehicle to achieve safe and no-dead-angle monitoring. At the same time, it uses GPS global satellite positioning system to locate the vehicle in real time, and connects to the vehicle alarm switch to achieve corresponding alarm prompts. Digital interphones can be used for communication between the platform and single/multiple vehicles, while fatigue driving instruments can monitor the driver's fatigue state to prevent traffic accidents. In addition, the oil level sensor can monitor abnormal oil level in real time and raise an alarm.

The mobile communication network is the key to achieving remote management operations. Audio and video, GPS, and alarm data are transmitted through the 3G/4G mobile network. At the same time, remote upgrades, parameter modifications, digital intercom, and alarm information viewing of devices are also completed through this network.

The server monitoring center is the core of the entire system, consisting of IVMS server clusters, back-end management software, and client software. Using a centralized and distributed network management architecture, it can monitor the operational status of multiple vehicles simultaneously.

This scheme takes progressiveness, practicality, expandability, reliability, security and ease of use as the design principles, aiming to improve the service level and meet the needs of customers and social development.(

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