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Date Time: January 24, 2024
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Truck Camera System for Fleet Management

Large vehicles, such as trucks and buses, have several blind spots. In fact, there are about 500 thousand truck accidents occur in the US each year and a 1% fatality rate which is more or less 5,000 deaths a year in the United States in particular!

Given the potential for damage and death from a truck accident, it is quite practical to install a truck camera system on each of your fleet’s vehicles.

Truck video Surveillance Camera System

It is primarily to ensure not only your driver’s safety on the road but also the safety of other small vehicle travelers.

High-Quality Truck Camera System in China.

YUWEI has been in the vehicle surveillance system business for 25 years. To be one of the reliable brands in China, Our company exceeds consumer’s expectations by providing high-quality yet affordable devices.

Large vehicles such as trucks and buses have several blind spots. By installing a Truck Camera System, you will be able to ensure not your driver’s security but the safety of other small vehicle travelers.

truck vehicle surveillance

Not only that, but a truck camera system can also be helpful in the case of a truck heist. As we all know, commercial vehicles like cargo trucks often carry a valuable and expensive loads of products. The truck camera system footage can also be evidence if your truck has been robbed or hijacked while on the road.

So if your business is about managing a fleet of huge vehicles, YUWEI will be your perfect supplier.

Truck Camera System Fleet Management Solution

Managing a fleet of huge vehicles can be quite hard but to easily monitor all of the vehicles, you might want to consider installing a Truck Camera System.

For 25 years in the vehicle surveillance industry, YUWEI ensures to deliver high-quality and affordable devices that do not compromise its client’s safety.

YUWEI Truck Camera System will be your best option for your truck fleet management solution.

Our company also offers Research and Development service if you have a specific requirement for your own specifications of a truck camera system.

Simply drop us your email and detailed preferences and we will gladly assist you!

Fleet Management Guide

Truck Camera System – The Ultimate FAQ Guide is a guide that will cover all the questions you may have regarding the truck camera system. If you are thinking about getting a Truck Camera System installed in your Truck, this is the best guide for you.

The Ultimate FAQ Guide is a resource to offer you better knowledge about the truck camera system’s features and benefits.

The FAQ Guide is a book that will help you to choose the right truck camera for your business vehicle as a Truck. It will also tell you more about the truck camera system, including what they can do for you and how they work? etc.

This guide provides you with the answers to all the questions that you might want to know.

With this guide, you will be provided with information like what a truck camera system is suitable for, the different types of cameras for commercial trucks and hired vehicles in the Truck Camera System, and what should be done when installing these cameras and their advantages?

Truck Camera System F&Q

What is a truck camera system?

Truck camera systems are the complete System used by drivers and fleet managers to ensure the safest possible driving conditions.

Whether the driver is a trucker or a fleet manager, these truck camera systems can alert them of dangerous obstacles on the road and warn them if they drift into another lane.

A camera in a truck camera system is an onboard recording device that can be mounted in large vehicles like trucks and buses.

Since a truck is a large vehicle, it can be equipped with a complete truck camera system to allow the driver to see the rear and sides of his Truck. This will allow him to maneuver more effectively in narrow and congested roads and parking lots.

The larger the vehicle, the more difficult it is for the driver to see what’s happening around it.

Because the large vehicles are dangerous in that they’re too big to see and can’t react quickly enough to avoid collisions with other cars, bicyclists, or pedestrians,

That’s why the truck camera systems are considered the most effective.

How does Truck Camera System work?

As the engine is operated, an electric current is produced, and the truck camera system starts working.

The truck Camera System includes motion detection, automatic backup recording, digital matrix motion detection software, a large touchscreen display with easy access to all system settings, and simultaneous display of multiple cameras.

The large touchscreen display provides intuitive controls for setting up and managing your truck camera system.

The truck camera system allows drivers and fleet managers to record and playback the vehicle’s exterior by providing valuable real-time visual evidence of events that occur because of the vehicle.

The truck camera system has the cameras equipped with the latest specifications and “translates” the images from the cameras on the visual display, particularly of the invisible areas for the driver.

These systems record for a much more accurate and detailed view of the hide contents and surroundings of the vehicle that you can playback later.

Truck Camera Systems are easy-to-install along high definition surveillance systems designed specifically for commercial applications.

The truck camera system is an essential component to most currently installed fleets.

These systems provide you or your company the technology and reliability needed to protect both drivers and passengers.

What are the features of the Truck Camera System?

A truck camera system will help fleet managers keep an eye on their drivers and vehicles. These are some of the most helpful features that a sound truck camera system should have:

HD or High Definition – this feature captures video in high-definition resolution so you can clearly see the elements of your vehicle and the objects in your environment.

Time and date stamp – to easily look for footage, you can sort by the time and date of the footage. If there was an incident that happened long ago, you can easily check the footage by searching for the date that the incident occurred.

GPS – With this feature’s help, you can easily monitor your operating truck’s exact location. This can also be their guide on not heading towards a route that might be too narrow for the vehicle

Speed Tracker – a feature that companies and drivers can use to show if they are driving just right or over-speeding

Durable – it’s important to invest in a durable Truck Camera System to endure harsh weather conditions. Since most of these vehicles drive for long hours, it is recommended that the camera installed can withstand extreme weather without affecting the quality of the video.

What are the applications of the Truck Camera System?

The truck camera systems can be installed in many types of truck vehicles. Few applications of truck camera systems are given below:

  • Oil Tanker Truck

  • Water Tanker Truck

  • Transport Truck

  • Container Truck

  • Garbage Truck

  • Heavy Truck

  • Dump Truck

What are the specifications of the Truck Camera System?

Being an excess variety of truck camera systems in the market, the specifications of these truck camera systems also vary from brand to brand. Few important specifications are described below. If you are going to buy the truck camera system, you may consider these specifications:

  • High resolution

  • Anti-Explosive

  • Stainless

  • Front road and driver view

  • 110degree, 140degree &180degree wide view rear view

  • Waterproof outside Camera

  • 3G GPS Tracker

  • 7inch HD SD Card

  • Recording Quad Monitor

  • Driver Fatigue Monitor

  • Multiple sensor inputs for speed, ignition

  • Records on the standard SD card

  • Defined power source

  • Better Operating Temperature

  • Minimum Power Consumption

  • Alarm Input available

  • Maximum Number of Channels

  • Defined IP Storage Rate

  • Operating Humidity

  • Proper supply of Voltage

  • Real-time monitoring anywhere in cellular or Wi-Fi coverage areas

What are the advantages of the Truck camera system?

The advantages of the Truck camera system are that it can record the driving activities for the truck driver for evidence and verification of driving behaviors and helps trucks drive safely. And these functions will help to reduce driver fatigue.

A truck camera system is a great tool to help increase safety, security, and productivity.

Time after time, we hear from users that their video recorders have helped them avoid accidents with other drivers. Insurance claims for property damage and personal injury have all been settled faster due to the installation of the Truck camera system.

The truck camera system’s advantage is providing clear images during both the day and night without interference from sunlight or ambient light.

Truck camera systems are essential for recording driver behavior, obtaining evidence in a collision or accident, and monitoring maintenance and repair issues.

The truck Camera system is a perfect fit for any vehicle or trailer, large or small.

Monitoring the Truck from a remote location is convenient and accurate, with advanced features that will save your money down the road.

The truck camera system offers several recording options, including real-time monitoring cameras so you can view your Truck before arriving at a delivery site or review it after returning to the Truck.

Few more advantages are described shortly:

  • Avoid fuel theft

  • Parking safety

  • Filmed tape as an indication

  • Evade harm to your Truck

  • Trace your automobiles

  • Avert bad driving performances

  • Informal movement

  • Eradicate blind adverts

  • Progress security for the drivers

What are the types of cameras essential for the Truck Camera System?

There are many cameras of many brands that are installed within the truck camera system.

Few important types of cameras that are essential for your truck camera system described below:

Front View Camera – This Camera is installed on the dashboard, facing the vehicle’s front to record the view of what’s ahead of you in case of an accident.

Rearview camera – This Camera’s primary function is for drivers to view their vehicle from the rear. It is also used to help them reverse to drive and park backward more easily.

Side cameras are put on the side of trucks to provide safety for drivers around small vehicles driving in blind spots.

Driver Fatigue Camera – To ensure that trucks and other large vehicles travel safely and efficiently, it is essential to use a Driver Fatigue Camera. This type of camera monitors driving behavior and alerts drivers when it detects fatigue or bad driving attitudes. It alerts drivers with a voice warning signal.

Anti-Explosive Camera – This Camera is a protective device that would not explode when inside a truck or other vehicle. It is designed to be used in harsh conditions that could cause explosions.

Passenger-side Camera – If you want to see what the driver does while driving but aren’t concerned with the exact positioning of the camera, this camera will suffice. It’s a camera facing the passengers to have a perfect view of their behavior.

Is a driving-facing Camera necessary in Truck Camera System?

Trucking companies prefer driving-facing cameras to ensure the best driver behavior on the road. Besides, a driving-facing Camera is an essential security feature in the truck camera system for all drivers.

Driving facing cameras are often included in many GPS devices because it keeps a tab on truck driver’s habits & driving styles. The truck camera system records evidence of reckless driving behaviors and/or other dangerous driving habits and leaves an on-time audio alert to the driver.

What are the related devices with the Truck Camera System?

Connected devices with truck camera system are described below:

  • The Driver Fatigue Monitor device detects driver fatigue and warns you when the driver gets tired. The driver fatigue monitor function helps you take care of your drivers by alerting them when they get too tired to drive.

  • HD Quad Monitor HD Quad Monitor 4G GPS Tracker tracks the vehicle.

  • A 7-inch screen provides clear viewing of the camera image and video recording in HD.

  • Extra-wide working 3G GPS Tracker, GPRS timing report may help you within the whole journey to get the location.

Does the truck camera system provide real-time monitoring?

Once a vehicle has a truck camera system installed in it, all the footage is automatically uploaded via your suite of cloud-based applications.

This information will be available instantly online in real-time. This will help you determine exactly where each vehicle is located, how fast it is traveling, and how long it has been there.

The truck camera system is a real-time monitoring system that can only operate if the camera is connected to a WIFI.

Truck Camera System is a real-time, fully digital video solution that operates on cellular communication links. Using 3G, 4G, and other wireless protocols and applications, the truck camera system is an affordable way to monitor places you’ve never been before.

Yes. Truck camera systems provide real-time monitoring via the internet, mobile phone, computer.

A truck camera system is equipped with an embedded GPS and G-sensor to record date, time, location, and speed, and it helps to provide real-time monitoring of the vehicle.

Can the Truck camera system work with 3G and 4G?

Yes, depending on the device you use for viewing your video and your brand of the truck camera system. If you’re using the app, then both 3G and 4G work fine.

If you’re using an Android device, then 3G works without any issues, but 4G is only compatible with the latest specifications’ Cell Phones.

For ANDROID-based systems/devices, we recommend only connecting via 4G if you try to use it all the time.

You can directly connect the Truck camera system with a mobile 3G/4G router. It could offer live video to your phone anytime and anywhere and have an alarm function when any impact or motion is triggering the truck camera.

What are the precautions of the Truck Camera System?

Being the heavy kit of a truck camera system for heavy vehicles, you need to follow these precautions:

  • The truck camera system needs a continuous power supply; once there is no power, it will stop working so you should have alternative sources of energy like UPS.

  • Please check the weather (rainy, foggy, snowfall) to avoid water if your outside cameras are not waterproof.

  • Lower to install the cable linking with the front and back cameras, to minimize interference and damage of the camera system.

  • Do not look at the sun directly with the night vision function, or you may cause disorder in the night mode function in your truck camera system.

  • Please install your interior video recorder in a secure place so that it does not fall off when you drive or move your vehicle.

What is the kit for the Truck Camera System?

The kit of truck camera systems comes with the sun visor mounted camera along with exterior waterproof cameras and an HD Quad Monitor with a rear-view Video input. You can record all the Drivers’ actions or blind spots, even at night.

The truck camera system kit includes

  • Truck camera Capturing System

  • Display Viewer hardware & Client Software

  • Remote website server

  • Anti-Vibration Mechanism

  • Receiver

  • Data Transmission

  • wireless internet and GPS & wireless sim cards

  • Antenna for GPS

  • Device Housing

  • Power Supply

What are the things to remember before buying a Truck camera system?

Be very careful to choose the right truck camera system you want to buy, as it is a significant investment.

  • It helps you save time and money by avoiding accidents or other problems.

  • Remember that the quality of your videos directly relates to the image quality of the camera you install in the vehicle.

  • You were often choosing this type of tool to be an expensive luxury component for your Truck. However, your protection is guaranteed!

  • There are numerous factors to consider when shopping for a truck camera system, but no matter what features the models offer, make sure you have chosen the best according to your vehicle and budget.

  • Keep in mind, Truck Camera System could be large enough to block the driver’s view and affects the vehicles’ original purpose.

What is the maintenance procedure of the truck camera system?

If you have a broken Bus Camera or any other component of the truck camera system and have trouble installing it, contact the manufacturer for assistance.

They will be able to help you with repairs or replacements. To contact them, call the number listed on the box.

Suppose the warranty of your truck camera system has not expired. In that case, the manufacturer can either repair it or supply you with a refurbished replacement of any component of the truck camera system.

How would I know if my truck camera system is not working?

The truck cameras are of standard technology and cannot work due to many reasons, including:

  • A lousy wire caused by exposed wiring

  • A bad or damaged camera

  • Tampering by the users or drivers

  • Faulty power supply or battery.

Is the truck camera system helpful in evidence?

The truck camera system ensures that you never the wrong time to make a video recording.

It will be automatically activated as soon as it detects potential collisions with another vehicle or person or detects a sudden lane change.

The events, accidents can be recorded as evidence to help prevent fraudulent claims from third parties.

The accident evidence is helpful for the law enforcement agencies as well as the police department.

Do the truck camera system record both the audio and video?

Yes, the System will record both audio and video. The truck camera system is a high-definition recording system that records self-explanatory video and audio both.

The truck camera system will record both audio and video to protect you against fake liability claims.

This recorded feature is designed to protect the driver, fleet owner, and their families from costly accidents.

Does the truck camera system reduce insurance claims?

Yes, with the help of a truck camera system in your vehicle, a driver might be covered concerning the rate of insurance premiums following a claim.

Since the installation of a Truck Camera offers additional protection to preserve data evidence in vehicles and assesses the various causes of incidents on the road, this will eliminate the dispute involved with all sorts of claims from the accident.

One of the most compelling reasons for using a truck backup camera is to reduce insurance claims. Several studies show that the commercial vehicle accident rate can significantly reduce insurance claims with the assistance of integrated navigation systems.

Is there any embedded Truck camera system?

No, there are no such large vehicles like trucks, where truck manufacturers have incorporated the truck camera system.

If you want to buy a truck camera system, China is a popular place. You may find more information on the internet about the truck camera system in China.

If you’re happy with your decision, you can place an online order to buy the best truck camera system, and it will be delivered to your door.

How do a truck camera system help in the case of a heist?

Truck camera systems can also serve as evidence if any illegal activity occurs while your Truck is on the road. It can significantly help you if ever involved in a heist or burglary situation because it will be recorded.

To some owners of commercial vehicles, the cost of replacing stolen goods can be more than the value of your car.

Trucking fleet owners can take advantage of this special offer and protect their assets on the road and maintain privacy and security in a vehicle.

Because it is usually in an unattended truck or trailer, the most common type of crime that leads to vehicle theft is robbery of its contents.

Having a Truck camera system in your Truck reduces the risk of your critical asset loss and provides a video recording of what happens during a hijacking attempt.

How can you monitor a Truck?

A fleet manager can easily monitor their vehicles by installing a Truck Camera System. This system typically includes a GPS to easily know the vehicle’s exact position. 

You can also install software to monitor your trucks on your mobile device. With the help of the Truck Camera System, It will be easy to give tasks and reminders to your drivers.

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