Best Bus Security Camera System

Bus Security Camera System

Date Time: April 25, 2024
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Best Bus Security Camera System

Bus Safety Camera System includes: main unit F4, front and rear dash cams, 360-degree camera, reverse camera, DSM camera, and ADAS camera. The F4 section uses onboard connectors, and all algorithms are completed locally at the front end; the DSM camera is fixed to the vehicle's A-pillar to minimize obstruction of the driver's line of sight; the ADAS camera seamlessly fits onto the windshield to reduce glare interference, suitable for vehicles of various sizes.

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Functions of the Bus Camera System:

Driver Status Monitoring

The DSM camera can be used to monitor whether the driver is fatigued, smoking, using a phone, distracted, or exhibiting other abnormal states. If any of these behaviors are detected, a voice alarm is issued to alert and intervene.


Forward Hazard Warning

Forward warnings include lane departure, pedestrian collision, and too-close distance warnings using intelligent algorithms, allowing the driver to anticipate potential hazards in advance and receive timely voice reminders, thereby better ensuring safety during vehicle operation.


SOS Emergency Alarm

1. Drivers can trigger an emergency alarm with one button, and the video monitoring center automatically displays real-time footage.

2. Distribute to the reporting management system, push real-time video, audio, vehicle, and geographical coordinates.

3. Emergency deployment for apprehending criminals, automatically download alarm videos, and produce evidence.


Driver Identity Recognition

1. Real-time driver identity confirmation through facial recognition, coordinated with the dispatch management platform, including boarding recognition and real-time recognition.

2. Detection can be activated at specified times or conditions as needed.

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Advantages of the Bus Camera System Solution:

Intelligent Monitoring

Comprehensive intelligent monitoring during driving, with ADAS driving anomaly warnings (lane departure, forward collision, close-distance warning, etc.), DSM fatigue alerts (fatigue driving detection, attention detection, bad behavior detection, etc.), and intelligent video evidence collection for abnormal driving behaviors. Real-time viewing of live video and one-click retrieval of historical video via 4G network.


Cost Reduction

ADAS and DSM intelligent cameras are used in conjunction with DVR, saving two camera channels. 4G network access, flexible selection of data plans, and flexible combination of SD cards and hard drives.


360-Degree Panoramic Monitoring

Supports up to 8 channels of HD cameras for real-time recording and storage, providing full vehicle surveillance without blind spots. (Different models support different numbers of channels.)


4G Real-time Intercom

Real-time intercom between the center and vehicles via the 4G network, with low latency and more convenient communication.


Comprehensive Big Data Analysis

Daily operation data of operating vehicles are summarized into tables for comprehensive statistical analysis of big data, providing effective basis for government transportation departments to implement policies.

BUS Camera System Q&A

What certifications does the bus camera system have?

- FCC certification



- Thailand NBTC

What functionalities does the bus camera system have?

- GPS positioning

- Beidou positioning

- 1080P resolution

- ADAS driving assistance

- Night vision

- DMS driver monitoring

- Fuel consumption monitoring

- Reverse image system

- IVMS management system

Can I order samples of the bus camera system to check the quality?

Certainly! You can order one or multiple sets of samples to inspect the quality.

Where is your shipping warehouse located?

Typically, we ship from warehouses in Hong Kong and Shenzhen.

When can I expect to receive the bus camera system after payment?

Small orders will be shipped within 3-5 days, while large orders usually ship within 15-20 days.

How can I obtain a price list for the bus camera system?

You can leave a message or send us an email/WhatsApp, and we will contact you to provide our quotation.
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