The Best Bus Camera Systems

The Best Bus Camera Systems

Date Time: January 22, 2024
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Author: YUWEI

The Best Bus Camera Systems

In public transportation, issues such as theft, robbery, and fights frequently occur on buses. Collaborative actions between drivers and crew members, like collecting fares without providing tickets or offering fake tickets, pose challenges to public safety. Despite anti-theft measures in some cities, the situation remains serious. Our developed on-board video recording system effectively addresses the challenge of documenting on-board situations in a complex environment with strong vibrations, unstable power supply, significant interference, and dust.

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YUWEI Bus Video Surveillance System (which can be mounted on our company's server to save server costs) integrates audio and video images from the line's vehicles. It monitors real-time data on bus operation trajectory, speed, and alerts for unexpected situations, addressing the challenges of bus management.

The bus camera surveillance system, based on a mobile video monitoring management platform, connects to the on-board front end via 3G/4G networks, providing features like real-time monitoring, video playback, GPS map positioning, trajectory playback, device status inquiry, and emergency alarms.

The on-board front end includes a vehicle hard disk recorder (referred to as a DVR or MDVR), dedicated on-board cameras, on-board LCD display, alarm buttons with status display terminals, full-duplex voice intercom box, on-board dedicated fireproof storage box, and supporting cables. The DVR has a built-in wireless network communication module, GPS, and BeiDou positioning module.

YUWEI Bus Camera System Features

1. Real-time Monitoring, GPS Positioning

   - Uses H.264 encoding format with high compression ratio for clear images.

   - Supports startup recording, scheduled recording, and alarm-triggered recording.

   - Built-in GPS for global positioning, allowing remote viewing of real-time video, vehicle location, and playback of historical recordings. Supports remote monitoring via mobile phones.

2. LED Display Screen:

   - Automatic voice announcements, supporting safety reminders, transfer prompts, overspeed warnings, book copying prompts, and hourly time announcements.

   - Manual or GPS automatic announcement modes.

3. Public Transit Smart Card:

   - Connects to the bus card reader, automatically receives and stores fare tables from the dispatch system, facilitating bus card transactions and data statistics.

4. Operational Dispatch:

   - Includes vehicle GPS system, electronic scheduling system, GIS electronic map system, vehicle operation management system, and operational data statistics.

5. Advertising Publication:

   - Controls and broadcasts information on the LED display screen, including commercial information, public service information, government policies, traffic information, weather forecasts, etc.

6. Voice Function:

   - Supports voice calls, network intercom, and sound broadcasting for timely communication between the management center and vehicles.

YUWEI Bus Camera System Advantages

1. IP67 Dust and Water Resistance:

   - Uses a fanless, fully enclosed design suitable for the complex environment inside buses.

   - Effective heat dissipation design prevents dust, water vapor, and debris from entering the device.

2. Specialized Aviation Head Interface:

   - Power, audio/video, and communication interfaces use specialized aviation head design.

   - Integrates mixed signal lines to ensure reliable signal connections, avoiding vibration-induced disruptions.

3. Independent On-board Power Module:

   - Built-in power module complies with international standards, adapting to different vehicle models and voltages.

   - Fast self-recovery electronic short-circuit protection to prevent current overload, supports hot-swappable.

4. Multiple Recording Modes:

   - Supports ordinary recording, redundant recording, and mirror recording for data storage.

   - Protects the lifespan of mechanical hard drives, ensuring recording integrity.

5. Built-in Super Capacitor Module:

   - Provides short-term power supply to ensure recording data is written to the hard drive in case of accidents or collisions causing battery disconnection.

   - Super capacitor module has a large number of charge-discharge cycles and works in a wide temperature range (-40°C to 70°C), requiring no subsequent maintenance.

6. Replaceable Communication Module:

   - Adopts a plug-and-play communication module design for easy replacement of different network standard modules.

   - Allows upgrading network standards without opening the chassis, avoiding the need for factory returns.

7. Alarm Video Backup:

   - When the driver triggers the emergency alarm button, the alarm signal is transmitted to the on-board DVR.

   - Stores video recordings before and after the alarm trigger to backup critical video data, especially useful in emergency situations such as vehicle fires.

If your city's bus fleet requires tracking and management, our camera monitoring system is your best choice. We are located in Shenzhen, China, and invite you to visit our factory, which covers 15,000 square meters of mechanized production facilities with over 500 technical staff members.(

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