Car Cameras with Night Vision

Car Cameras with Night Vision

Date Time: January 04, 2024
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Car Cameras with Night Vision

Dash cams are designed to record your drives, day or night, continuously. However, when driving during the evenings, or in areas where there’s no sufficient light, such as tunnels or underground parking lots, your dash cam footage may look dark and grainy, making details difficult to see.

And what if you encounter an unwanted incident in this ‘dark’ situation? The bad quality of your video can ruin your evidence, which defeats the purpose of having a dash cam in your car. But don’t worry, as there’s a premium dash cam feature that solves this problem. Say hello to Night Vision.

Car Cameras with Night Vision

What is Night Vision in Dash Cams?

Here’s the solution that you’re looking for. Night Vision enables your dash cam to record detailed images at night or in low-light situations. This software automatically detects a lack of light and adjusts the exposure level to improve your footage’s overall video clarity, enabling you to see road signs and license plates clearly.

For dash cameras, the performance of night vision features also relies on the synergy between factors such as low-light-sensitive image sensors, infrared illumination, ISP tuning (Image Signal Processing), and High Dynamic Range/HDR. These components work in unison to capture, enhance, and process images in low-light or nighttime conditions. The image sensors sensitivity, aided by infrared LEDs and filters, allows for clear vision in the dark. At the same time, ISP tuning and HDR optimizes image quality through noise reduction and exposure adjustments.

But take note, not all dash cams have Night Vision, and not all dash cams with Night Vision are the same. While a lot of dash cam manufacturers claim that their devices are equipped with this feature, the Night Vision technology itself still varies due to other factors, which we will discuss later on.

Still, in terms of dash cam technology, one of the top manufacturers we trust is China’s YUWEI.  As years passed, premium dash cam manufacturers like BlackVue and VIOFO have also begun incorporating Night Vision features into their dash cams. 

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Defeat Darkness with Night Vision in Dash Cams

Driving in the dark could feel unsafe, but thanks to dash cams with night vision, you can still have the peace of mind and confidence that whatever the time is, you’ll get a decent quality of recording for evidence. For best Night Vision results, choose a dash cam that does best when it comes to image sensors, HDR, ISP tuning or IR cameras.

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly dash cam with excellent Night Vision, we recommend you to get the YUWEI V5. 

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Car Cameras Q&A

What type of dash cam is most suitable for cars?

The Smart Video Remote Information Processing V5 is a feature-rich 4G dash cam designed specifically for the automotive video surveillance industry. It features both front and rear dash cams, supporting up to 4 channels of cameras for real-time audio and video recording, with dual TF card storage. It utilizes global 4G network connectivity for real-time video transmission, along with GPS/BDS positioning for accurate tracking. The V5 dash cam also integrates built-in active safety algorithms (ADAS, DSM) to enhance security, widely used in industries such as ride-hailing, taxi, logistics, and government vehicles.

Will the dash cam record my location?

The YUWEI dash cam supports Global Positioning System (GPS) for tracking your location and speed, a gravity sensor for collision detection, and WiFi for transferring footage from the dash cam to your phone. It also has a parking mode, which automatically starts recording if your car experiences a collision while parked.

Is a 128GB dash cam enough?

A 128GB SD card can effectively handle 4K dash cam footage, but it depends on the camera's bitrate and frame rate. 4K footage requires higher bitrates and frame rates, meaning the recording time on a 128GB SD card will be shorter compared to 1080p footage. However, for fleet tracking management, 1080p recording resolution is typically sufficient.

How much does a dash cam cost?

The price ranges from $25 to $300. The cost of a single in-car camera from YUWEI is $25, for quotes on multifunctional in-car cameras, you can contact (
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